Australian Permanent Residency Visa

An Australian Permanent Residency Visa is usually the ultimate aim for most skilled migrants moving to Australia for both lifestyle and financial reasons.

We take a bespoke and individual view of each and every case and don’t use any ‘one size fits all’ computer programmes. Every case is assigned to a specialist in your occupation because that’s the only way to ensure the best representation in what is a long and complex legal process.

A Permanent Residency Visa can often be very difficult for the uninitiated to obtain; to put it into perspective for every 100 DIY cases started only a handful result in a successful outcome. Take our free assessment by clicking any of the buttons on this page and we will arrange a consultation with you at no cost to work out the best migration pathway solution for your circumstances. If we agree to take on your case we will explain our fees and the total cost in full detail so you don’t get any nasty shocks or surprises along the way.

Where appropriate and where there is clear eligibility we will always recommend Australian Permanent Residency for Skilled Migration of which there are two main visa classes, the 189 Visa and the 190 Visa.

An Australian Permanent Residency Visa has a number of benefits that far outweigh the benefits of lesser visa classes which clearly make them the top tier choice for Skilled Migrants relocating to Australia.

Benefits of an Australian Permanent Residency Visa:
The main applicant (whoever has the strongest skills set) and their partner can live and work in Australia without restriction – although on a 190 visa class whereby they will be tied to a particular State or Territory for the first two years. After this two years they are free to live and work anywhere.

After four years Permanent Residency can be converted into full Citizenship and Dual Nationality. Also, children that are born in Australia to Permanent residency holders will become automatic Australian Citizens.

Permanent Residents and their families can access Education Services. It is important to note that on temporary visa classes such as the Employer Sponsored Visa a contribution must be made towards your families schooling, regardless of whether they are State or Privately educated. Also, University fees will also be levied at the domestic rate meaning that you won’t pay International Student rates.

Those with Permanent residency can join Medicare, the Australian Health Care scheme.

Permanent Residents may access full financial services such as Mortgages and Credit Cards at better interest rates and after two years those with PR status may Sponsor other family members to join them and usually some general benefits become available after this time also.

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