Can I Emigrate To Australia?

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Australia are very picky these days as to who they accept to Emigrate and with most people the first question is Can I Emigrate to Australia?

I want to know, can I emigrate to Australia?

It is no longer a straightforward or easy process. These days emigration is about you, your skills and what you can bring to Australian economy, not just in the first few months but for the rest of your life, your partners and even your children’s lives.

Migration is driven by statistical models and population profiling on the part of the Australian Government which is used to create the laws, processes and to determine who can emigrate to Australia and who cannot.

Can I Emigrate to Australia?
If we can get you there we will -Your Migration is our number one priority and we are proud of our success rate. We are Permanent Residency Specialists with most clients emigrating on 189 and 190 visa sublasses.

The first step in answering this for you once and for all is to take our free online assessment so we can review your answers in detail and together with you we can work out the best emigration pathway. We don’t use any fancy computer programs – every assessment is reviewed in detail by a skilled consultant who has significant previous experience in your occupation.

The first stage in the Skilled Migration Program is for us to place your unique skills and experience on one of the Australian Skilled Occupation lists. As a quick guide if your occupation falls broadly into one of the following categories we would love to hear from you.

Carpenter / Joiner
All other tradespeople
Medical Professionals (including alternative medicine)
Veterinary Medicine
Science based roles

If your occupation doesn’t fit into any of these categories don’t worry, we have experience in emigrating those with even the most obscure occupations.

Once we feel confident that we can place you – and this only happens after we’ve spoken with you at length and in great detail. We will set about calculating your points score against the Australian Migration Points Index, a process which is based on a number of key criteria such as age, qualifications, experience. There are many ways that we can actively increase your points score throughout the process.

Can I Emigrate to Australia? – take our free online assessment today and let us answer the question for you once and for all.

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