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Emigrating to Australia requires a financial commitment, but in terms of legal costs and fees it should cost no more than a family holiday Down Under.

Australia Emigration Costs

Long gone are the days of the £10 Pom… Nor can you simply jump on a boat and get out there. It is a long, complicated and arduous process and does involve a financial commitment. As part of our initial assessment process we will cover all costs and expected fees with you, along with an rough timetable to help with budgeting those all important Australia Emigration Costs.

Because every case is so different we can’t cover every single eventuality but below you will find a good rough estimate of what to expect throughout the process and when.

Our Professional Fees:
These vary from case to case but are always fixed and calculated on the basis of complexity and the number of people to be included in the application. The Lets Go! team are by far among the best and most successful at securing successful outcomes for our clients.

Skills Assessment Fees:
These differ between Skills Assessment bodies with Electricians for example having the most expensive Skills Assessment as they are one of only a handful of occupations that are required to sit an actual practical demonstration.

Other Skills Assessments for Australia Immigration are much less onerous and we will outline the Skills Assessment process and expected cost as part of our initial consultation with you.

Estimated Australian Government Fees:
Its important to add these fees to your total Australia emigration costs.

Main Applicant:           $3700 AUD
Partner / Spouse:         $1835 AUD
Other adults over 18: $1835 AUD
Children Under 18:     $900 AUD

The Australian Government Emigration Costs are not payable until the very end of the process when you are called forward by Immigration. Instead of using the words, ‘called forward’ they could use the words ‘approval in principle’ because in effect at this stage they are pre-approving the application based on the strength of the case as it appears on paper given the information previously supplied.

Medicals and Police Checks:
It would be prudent to set aside between $100 and $200 AUD for medicals and Police checks. It is important that these are done at the direction of Australia Immigration and will be requested after you have been called forward.

Whilst there are no hard and fast timeframes it would be useful to budget for a capital outlay over the course of 18 months. The majority of fees are imposed directly by the Australian Government and don’t fall due until the very end of the process.

With that said most Let’s Go! Global clients usually receive their Visa notifications within 12 months.

In order for us to be able to give you a bespoke overall figure for your Australia Emigration Cost simply take our free online assessment today by clicking on any of the buttons on this page. We’ll take a look at your circumstances and make the right referrals to the right people.

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