Graduate Engineer Visa

Graduate Engineer Visa

Due to a critical shortage of young, qualified Engineers in Australia the Government has decided to launch a Special Visa class to attract this talent. This Graduate Engineer Visa subclass 476 visa allows recent graduates in engineering to live and work in Australia without restriction for 18 months.

Within that time it is of course highly likely that skilled engineers will have already sought out the amazing career prospects in the Continent and are usually offered an employer sponsored TSS visa. Alternatively after completing a year or so of direct relevant employment it is likely that young engineers will qualify for Permanent Residency on a 189 or 190 visa class.

Graduate Engineer Visa, what’s the catch?
Really, there is none. Apart from the fact that as you would expect there are selected Universities but rest assured most institutions qualify. Take our free visa assessment to find out of your University qualifies.

What about my partner or family on a Graduate Engineer Visa?
Secondary applicants may of course be included on this visa such as

interdependent partner
dependent child
dependent relative

Do I have to work in engineering on a Graduate Engineer Visa?
No, you can choose to travel, study, work or indeed complete any Professional studies you may choose. When your visa is granted you have the right to live and work anywhere in Australia and engage in any type of employment even if it’s not directly related to Engineering.

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