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As our client your case will be managed by a Senior Account Manager who may also draw on the expertise of others in our collaborative environment.

Clients will only ever liaise with our most experienced team members and employees and they are usually available at most times outside of normal working hours and weekends. We endeavor to reply to all emails and enquiries as soon as practically possible, usually within 24 hours.

Only Australian Citizens and those holding Australian Permanent Residency can be MARA Agents so we ensure that, when it’s time for your case to finally be allocated a Case Worker at the Department of Immigration at least one of your appointed Account Managers is a registered MARA Agent. Our MARA agents are typically based in Australia so clients also have the added security of having 24hr cover on their case during the most critical periods of their applications.

We work closely with selected highly experienced MARA agents / Immigration lawyers and match clients to their legal and paralegal representatives on a case by case basis.

The website for the Australian Office of the MARA
Let’s Go! Global MARA Code of Conduct

The MARA Code of Conduct specifies many aspects of your Australian Migration and was designed to being an element of standardisation to Legal and Paralegal Australian Immigration Services.

Many Migration Agents apply the MARA Code of Conduct as their Gold Standard.

Let’s Go! Global takes the published MARA Code of Conduct as the minimum requirement as we constantly strive to be the very best, most efficient and loveliest brand in Australian Migration.

We are a boutique Consultancy, not a Visa Mill and we specialize in providing unique and individually tailored Australian Immigration Pathways to Clients.

We are not interested in client volume, indeed, we have strict maximums on the number of cases each of our professional Account Directors can work on at any one time.

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Let’s Go! Global, the, loveliest brand in Australian Migration.