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Why do I need a medical to Immigrate to Australia?

Medical to Immigrate to Australia

Australia has one of the very best Medical systems in the World, rivaling the USA and Canada in terms of treatment access and care. In order that these standards can be maintained and not abused the Australian Government stipulates that every potential Skilled Migrant who is looking to immigrate to Australia must have a medical check before their Visa is approved.

Aside from being a general economic factor the Australian Government has a duty to protect its Citizens from health and safety risks that are inherent in many communities throughout the world but not Australia. Tuberculosis for example is very prevalent in many parts of the World and Australian Immigration are dedicated to keeping carriers of TB out of Australia.

But I come from the UK / USA / Europe / Canada!
Please don’t be offended by the medical check requirement. Australia has a policy of zero discrimination in the Immigration Program and as such must apply the checking rules evenly and fairly among all immigration applicants from all countries in the World. The UK for example does actually have many cases of TB diagnosed every year especially in some densely populated cities.

I have had cancer in the past will this go against me?
As a general rule this will not automatically prejudice your Australia Visa chances. Every condition will be individually considered against the possible impact on the community and resources required going forwards.

I am HIV+ how does that affect my Immigration to Australia
Again, this will not automatically prejudice your migration chances for Australia and a view will be taken by the Medical Officer of the Commonwealth.

As a general rule if the ongoing treatment of any chronic conditions exceeds the likely cost of $25,000 AUD then it will be reviewed. For all those lesser ailments that millions of people the World over suffer from you will likely have no adverse reaction during the course of your Australian Immigration application.

I am overweight will I fail an Australian Immigration Medical?
Australia promotes a healthy outdoors lifestyle, what better time than now to start adopting the Australian way of life! It should not in usual circumstances count against you too much but isn’t it always better to be fit and active if possible?

Do I need a medical to Immigrate to Australia if I am planning on using private healthcare and insurance?
Yes, there is no way around the Australian Visa medical check and the potential eligibility criteria will be approximated regardless of level of private cover available to visa applicants.

I’ve had a medical for work will this suffice?
No, you will need to take a fresh immigration medical with an approved medical supplier licensed and authorized by the Australian Department of Immigration.

Shall I do one before I lodge my Australian Immigration Application?
Unfortunately you are no longer allowed to fast forward the medical. When you are called forward from Expression of Interest stage to apply for your Permanent residency only then will you be advised of your need for a medical. At this stage you receive a code and that code is then also used by the medical examining officer.

Do my children need an Australian Visa Medical?
X-rays will be required for those over the age of 11. Applicants over the age of 15 will be required to have an HIV test and those under the age of 15 will also be required if they have a history of blood transfusions.

How much does a Medical to Immigrate to Australia?
Allow on average between $200 and $300 AUD per person (global country average). The range, scope and depth of the Medical Examination will depended solely on the discretion of your allocated case officer at the Department of Immigration and this decision will in part be based on your declarations.

The results are valid for one calendar year after your medical although please do bear in mind that if your application is delayed for any reason then you will likely have to undergo another round of medical checks for you Australian Immigration process to be finalised.

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