The Australian Migration Process Explained

The Australian Migration Process Explained

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The Australian Migration process is designed to be challenging because emigration is serious business for every Government in the developed World. They must get it right, attracting great people with the skills Australia needs to continue to establish itself on the World stage. With only 20 million people (the populations of London, Paris, Madrid and Frankfurt combined) inhabiting the entire Continent there is critical need for most skills.

To really put it into perspective there are almost 1000,000,000 people in Europe and a mind blowing 4,500,000,000 in Asia! Take a look at just how big Australia is.

When thinking about the Australian migration process we find it better to think of it as a project – a project that’s made up up lot’s of tiny steps – with each step interdependent on the next. There are no shortcuts to the process, no way of jumping to the end and it’s vital that each stage gets completed to the gold standard.

The Australian Migration Process Step One – We look at step one not in terms of points but in terms of occupation.

If your occupation isn’t on an in-demand list there’s not much you can do in terms of skilled migration and Permanent Residency. We take a 360 degree overview of your occupation, experience, qualifications and skill set. Often what you think your role is may well be classed very differently by the Australian Government.

Our team consists of occupation experts so you have the security and knowledge that we know your occupation inside out. This fact finding process forms the basis of your free consultation with us.

Step Two – Points calculation. Our experts will never take on a case they believe falls short on Points Score, although there are lots of hints and tricks we can do to increase this overall points score. Also, the length of the migration process to Australia can also often assist us in your overall points score. Plenty of time to refine skills, get extra relevant experience and take any tests that will give us extra points such as IELTS.

Step Three – Case Activation. Once you have activated your case with Lets Go Global we will start the document collation process in earnest and let you know exactly what supporting evidence we need from you. If there’s things you can’t get simply tell us because our experience in the process means we can usually find a solution; It’s what we’re here for!

Step Four – Skills Assessment. This is the most important step in explaining the Australian migration process. It’s also the most overlooked part and is critical to the success of your application. Look at skills assessment as the Australian Government needing to know that you are who you say you are and that you have the right skills and experience to add value to the Australian Economy. We have a top class success rate for occupations at Skills Assessment and make it our business to understand the needs of each Skills Assessment body.

Step Five – Expression of Interest. This when the application is lodged with the SkillSelect to the Australian Government and forms the basis of our legal application.

Step Six – Being called forward. Congratulations! Your new life in Australia is now a reality, we must however ensure no hiccups at this stage. It is a finely tuned part of the process that includes medicals and Police Checks as well as direct liaison with the Immigration Authorities.

Step Seven – If you need us to we will introduce our relocation services at this point. These include assistance with shipping, accommodation, tax back, registering for National Insurance, Medicare, Pet shipping and all the services you would expect from the most popular Australia migration Consultancy today.

Let’s go back to the start of the Australian migration process – take our free visa assessment by clicking any of the buttons on this page – give us as much detail as possible and we will start with a free consultation to work out the best and most viable Australian Migration Pathway for you and your loved ones.