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Those in the IT industry remain in exceptionally high demand in Australia.

IT Australia / ICT Australia

IT is one of the most in demand occupation sectors according to Australian Migration Policy. Occupations that are ‘in demand’ span both the MLTSSL and the STSOL in demand lists and can all lead to Permanent Residency and dual Nationality.

Here at Lets Go Global we are open to applicants from all of the World such as the UK, Mainland Europe, the Middle East and Asia. Our bespoke approach to the Emigration process follows the same basic code because the whole Migration project can be best described as a project in the true sense of the word; A collection of lots of mini milestones, all interdependent on the previous one being reached before the next one can start. It is imperative that each stage is completed in both a timely and professional manner to best progress to the next.

A High Level Overview of the Emigration Process for IT Australia

1. Points Calculation
Ensure that the IT professional secures the relevant points on the Australian Immigration Matrix

2. SOL One or Two
Emigrating to Australia as an IT professional requires that your skills and experience match one of the codes on the SOL One or SOL Two (in demand) lists. Lets Go! Global are experts in IT Australia migration and are ideally placed to assist here. It is essential that the right migration code is chosen as it must most accurately reflect your day to day role AND the skills you’ve built up over the years in relation to your qualifications.

3. Document Collection
For every single IT Australia code we have a separate set of document requirements that clients must provide. Migrating to Australia is a complex legal process and your dedicated Migration expert will work with you to produce a ‘decision ready bundle’. A pack of documents that prove you are who you say you are, and that you have the right skills, experience and qualifications. This may also be the time to take your IELTS English test if required for either your assessment or for extra points.

4. Skills Assessment
Not at assessment in the traditional sense. There is no written or practical IT test although a dedicated Skills Assessment body will review your decision ready bundle and either approve or reject your application at this stage.

5. Submit Expression Of Interest
With a positive Skills Assessment from the IT Australia assessment body we can now submit your Expression of Interest to the Department of Immigration. This EOI can only be submitted after a positive skills assessment and must be submitted to the highest professional standards. The EOI can be best described as a database and from this database applicants are called forward to apply for Australian Permanent Residency on either a 189 Visa or 190 Visa class dependent on whether the client’s occupation code was on either SOL One or SOL Two.

6. Congratulations!
At this point you will receive a notification that you’ve been called forward; Also known as ‘approval in principle’ for your Australian Visa. Police check and Medicals now take place.

7. Relocation Services
Working with your timeframe for migration we will schedule all the right services to coincide with this next stage of your personal project. These services include shipping, accommodation and banking to name a few.

Talk to the IT Australia Experts
Take our free online assessment without obligation for a thorough and accurate review of your circumstances and how they relate to Australian Migration. Find out once and for all from the IT Australia experts all about the process and how your skills can be used to facilitate your Australian Emigration.