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As an IT Project Manager the opportunities in Australia are currently very strong from both an Australia Visa perspective and Employability factors.

IT Project Manager Australia

As you and your expertise are in high demand in Australia we are ideally positioned to navigate the complex and legal Migration process. IT Project Managers are highly sought after and excellently remunerated right accross Australia, primarily due to the high standards of education, experience and professionalism that you possess.

Here at Lets Go! Global we have a dedicated IT Migration desk and our client list (both Corporate and Private) is impressive; we represent the highest quality IT professionals and many household names. We pride ourselves on understanding both you as a person and you in your industry as a professional.

We have a 100% success rate with the migration code: IT Project Manager Australia and we will assist you through every aspect of the migration process, from transferring qualifications to having your Australian Permanent Residency Visas granted and so much more.

As an IT Project Manager, we are aware that you not only have to have an understanding of software, hardware and networking, but that you are responsible for the implementation a project from planning stages, through execution and to the closing stages. In fact, the Migration process itself can be thought of and planned as any project, with each mini milestone being interdependent on the previous stage being successfully completed.

As one of the senior members of the IT PMO team you will be expected to be able to demonstrate a good number of the following key competencies to ensure a successful Emigrate Australia applications:

IT Project Manager Australia Core Competencies
lead the planning and implementation of projects from inception to completion
facilitate the definition of project scope, goals and deliverables
define and assign project tasks and resource requirements
develop full scale project plans
manage project staff, budget and resource allocation
schedule project timelines and track deliverables
provide management direction and support to your project team
constantly monitor and report on progress of the project to all stakeholders
manage project changes and interventions to achieve project outputs
Project evaluation

IT Project Manager Australia Education Requirements
Degree level qualification in project management or equivalent
knowledge theoretical and practical aspects of the PMO
knowledge of project management techniques and tools
3 years direct work experience in project management capacity
proven experience in people management, strategic planning, risk management, change management and software

IT Project Manager Australia soft skills
critical thinking and problem solving skills
planning, organizing and decision-making
communication skills, influencing and leading
delegation and team work
negotiation and conflict resolution

Take our free Australia Visa assessment to have your visa chances assessed by an associate from our IT Migration desk. Migration is a complex legal process and like all legal Professions ‘one size’ most definitely dosen’t fit all. For this reason we still take a traditional and personal consultative approach to our Clients’ Migration and we look forward to discussing your plans in greater detail as we work out the best and most viable Australian Immigration Pathway Solution for you and your family (if applicable).