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You now have access to one of the largest selections of live & active jobs in Australia right from this page!

Jobs in Australia

Did you know that Jobs for Skilled Migrants are usually scanned automatically to look for the best match between CV and Job Role?

This is ESPECIALLY True for jobs that are open to skilled migrants. These jobs usually receive up to 40x more applications than jibs aimed at the domestic market.

Don’t worry, here at Lets Go Global we’ve got you covered with a tool called Resume Optimization.

By using AI Technology Resume Optimizers will rework the content of your CV to make it an exact match for the role and Job Description.

If you’ve ever spent hours matching a CV to the Job Role you’ll know it’s unmanageable over the long run. Now you can perfectly craft each and every Australian Job application to the role, making sure you get passed the application Robots and increasing the chances of landing an interview.

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On our Jobs in Australia board above you can find roles for teachers, electricians, accountants, welders, marketing specialists, those in the medical professions, scientists, engineers and everything in between. We see it as our mission to display as many live roles as possible.

We believe that just because you are emigrating you should not be considering taking a career step back or even sideways – we believe you should emigrate to Australia for enhanced job prospects, a better financial package or increased responsibility. We believe that International Migration Recruitment and finding jobs in Australia is no different; Put simply we work hard to assist you into the right role but of course it is no means guaranteed.

We remain firmly grounded in what we do best; We are premium Australian Migration Consultants and we are set to consolidate this position over the next period. Finding the right jobs in Australia and the whole recruitment services arena just shouldn’t be left to chance which is why we partnered with some of the major job boards in Australia.

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