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As a qualified UK Electrician your skills are in exceptionally high demand in Australia

Electricians Australia

As an electrician planning on emigrating to Australia you have the distinct advantage of being on what is called the SOL, which is more commonly know as the MLTSSL. In terms of migrating to Australia this is equivalent to being in the premier league – and we would even go so far as to say that you would be in the top flight of this league in terms of emigration chances and employment opportunities.

We have an amazing success rate emigrating electricians to Australia and we will go to great lengths to get to know you, your skills, your qualifications and your dreams. We employ only the best electrical migration talent in the UK who have an amazing reputation as being at the very top of their game.

If you are a qualified electrician in the UK and have been considering emigrating to Australia for a while there really is no one else better suited or qualified to handle your migration. Why leave it to chance? Ensure your success with the team at Lets Go Global.

Emigrating as an electrician to Australia is a relatively complicated process but one which we have successfully been through thousands of times.

How do I convert my UK Electrician Qualifications to Australia?
The first stage of any skilled migration to Australia is called Skills Assessment. It’s done by a third party body licensed by the Australian Government and leads to the award of an Offshore Technical Skills Record – OTSR. This OTSR does three things:

1. Allows you to proceed onto the next migration stage
2. Allows you to work as an electrician in Australia from day one on a Provisional License. At the end of 12 months we will work with you to secure your A Grade electrical license.
3. With your OTSR recruiters know that you are serious about emigrating and is the benchmark for having meaningful conversations with potential employers

What qualifications do I need to be considered a client of Lets Go! electricians Australia service?
We only take on cases where we can be personally confident of a positive outcome. This means that during our free consultation we’ll leave no stone unturned in finding the best and most viable migration pathway for you.

As a guide though a domestic, commercial or industrial electrician must:
Be NVQ Level 3 or equivalent
and have their 17th / 18th Edition Wiring Regs

There are many different types of electrical professionals in the UK with varying skills – for example those employed as Offshore Electricians will have a different set of qualifications including COMPEX.

To emigrate to Australia as an electrician it is not necessary to have:
2391 or 2394/2395
Any Part P Registration or Compliance responsibilities although these do carry weight, of course.

Electricians Australia – What specializations are in demand?
General electricians
Offshore electricians
Special Class electricians
Electrical Engineers
Electrical Technicians

Whatever your area of electrical specialization feel free to take our visa assessment with no obligation. We will arrange a consultation with an electrical emigration expert who specializes in electricians Australia.