Qualifications Recognition in Australia

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Lot's of people worry, quite rightly, whether their qualifications will be recognised in Australia and the answer is a little less straightforward - as you would expect!

Qualifcations Recognition must be done as part of a Client’s Skilled Migration regardless of skill set, age, length of experience or occupation. There is no exemption from Qualifications Recognition and no getting away from it.

The Lets Go! team have an enviable success rate with many occupations at Skills Assessment; Think of it less as an exam or traditional ‘assessment’ and more of a complex legal ‘decision ready’ bundle which proves to the Australian Government that you are you you say you are and you have the right skills and experience here in the UK to carry out your occupation to at least a similarly qualified Australian Citizen.

Skills Assessment is the most overlooked but most important stage in any Skilled Migration. Without it a Permanent Residency application in this class simply won’t go through. Similarly, a positive Skills Assessment is still required for many other visa classes.

Every occupation on the Skilled Occupations list (and many more subsets) has it’s own Skills Assessment body by way of Qualifications Recognition and many double up as the licensing or registration bodies in Australia. For example, Nurses migrating to Australia must have their skills assessed by the Australian Nursing & Midwifery Council, Electricians Skills Assessment leads to the award of an OTSR (Offshore Technical Skills Record) which is the first step in getting their A Grade License. Teachers are another great example because their Skills Assessment body, the AITSL is the umbrella registration body from which local States and Territories draw down the individual registration for their teachers.

The team at Lets Go Global are Qualifications Recognition & Skills Assessment experts. We have built a team of diverse industry expertise and subject matter experts so you can rest assured that whatever your Skill, Occupation, Profession or Trade we have an expert who understands your role and talks your language.

Take our free visa assessment and we will, with no obligation, review your skills against the current migration criteria laid down by the individual qualifications recognition bodies.