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Let’s Go Global Reviews Accountant Immigration 2019

Let’s Go Global Reviews and Comments
Lets Go Global Reviews Accountant Immigration 2019

Name: John P. CIMA & Proud Lets Go Global Brand Ambassador
Location of Lets Go Global Review: London
Review stage: Visa Granted (subclass 189)
Rating: 5

Expensive but worth it.

I engaged Let’s Go! Global in March of 2016 having decided after many, many trips to Australia that I wanted to emigrate. I made the decision to move my life to Australia in the departures lounge pf Sydney Kingston Smith airport and as if fate would have it I saw an article in one of the in-flight magazine with an interview with one of the Let’s Go Global senior team members George McDonald.

The article was written in a very clear and professional manner and I had many hours of flight to ponder the enormity of the task that had just been laid out before me.

Accountants (I’m CIMA) I was to find out have slightly higher criteria placed against their applications than many other occupations from the level of demand and supply of the occupation code already in Australia and I felt like I needed a professional to review my case and provide me with some clear and concise answers about my chances of making a successful application.

I filled out the online visa assessment and specified during the online assessment that I wanted George to be the lead associate on my case. A couple of days passed and I wondered if my application had been overlooked until I received a call from George to go through my chances in a calm, friendly and professional manner.

My fees were £3,000 which I initially thought were a little steep before I found out that the team at Let’s Go! Global were worth every penny. Towards the end I even felt a little bit guilty that I should have been paying more. As an Accountant I know how much some people charge for professional service fees and I firmly believe I have just received the very best value for money for many years. I have no hesitation reviewing the services of Let’s Go! Global as being 5*.

I have since found out that Let’s Go! Global operate a really different and unique model. They employ leading professionals and bring them together into what they call an Australian Migration Network. As a management accountant I like this model, it keeps costs down whilst enabling them to employ talent from around the World who would usually have no interest in relocating thousands of miles to work in an office! It meant that my fees were being used for service rather than daft costs which I actually recommend 100% as a business model even to my own clients operating in the digital world.

I was already prepared for the news that Accountants have to score a higher points score than ANY other occupation. The thing about Australian Immigration I have learned is that it’s not a game of questions. I could have asked ‘why this and why that’ all day long and I did do at the start but what I soon learned there was no point in asking because there was no argument or discussion to be had. With Australian Immigration it really is their way or no way! I need to max out my points score so I did the Advanced Cambridge Version of the English test instead of IELTS because the guys told me it was a little easier so I take their word on that. I had a four year degree so there wasn’t any need to take it from a Skills Assessment point of view but it was fine and I got my extra 20 points which was relief! Its funny, no matter how old we get we all seem to dread doing tests and exams.

References were a breeze, the other bits and pieces took about a month to get together for me and then George still came back to me with a few more last minute requests.

Crunch Time! My expression of interest gets lodged and I start to wait, nervously. By this stage in proceedings my heart is set on going and I’ve started to tell some close friends. What if it goes wrong? This was a really nerve wracking time and one of the reasons I happy to leave a Lets Go Global Review is just how patient they were with me at this time. Explaining things in clear and plain English.

I was just about to give up after 4 months when one evening I got a late night call from my agent. Look out for it you’ll get one when you receive an invitation ad when it’s finally granted.

I was a little worried about medicals but there was nothing really to worry about and then I got asked to fill out a form 80. After everything it took about another 8 weeks and our 189 Visas were granted.

Words really can’t express how grateful we are.

I have been asked to do some Let’s Go Global Video Reviews so who knows I might be posting on here again soon with the family.

Seriously though, I can’t recommend the team enough they have been amazing from start to finish.

Lets Go Global Reviews Comments
Thank you John for your kind words and for taking the time to write such a thorough and detailed response to our request. We’re really pleased that we have contributed in some part to one of the biggest life changing events you will ever experience. It was an absolute honor to represent you and we remain humbled by your generous article.

Lets Go Global Reviews Accountant Immigration 2018