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Let’s Go Global Reviews Complaints Board Response

October 2016

(Update: We discovered in late 2016 these posts were made by a well known competitor)

Here at Let’s Go! Global we’re proud of our clients, our staff and our brand. Unfortunately what is actually a very emotionally rewarding industry also has its fair share of ‘chancers’. Those that think the way to market themselves is to troll the online reputation of their competitors in some ingeniously nasty ways! ‘Trolls’ don’t you just hate them!

The Lets Go Global Reviews response is simply that we will never resort to such practices, preferring to dedicate our time and effort to refining and developing our service to constantly keep us as the forefront of Australian Immigration Services.

An old Lets Go Global Review on ComplaintsBoard from ‘Desperate Daniel’ being a case in point. A very cleverly worded ‘complaint’ although reading closely it lacks any style, substance or credibility. One wonders why ‘Daniel’ chose Complaints Board to leave his message as opposed to our Facebook or twitter accounts. We instructed our Lawyers to examine a case for defamation. Daniel had left a Digital footprint and our legal request was escalated to Google, San Jose, California, USA.

Ultimately the infringing material was successfully removed.

However, it does throw up an interesting question for readers.

How would Let’s Go! Global Respond had this actually been a real scenario? We think existing and potential clients would like to know The Lets Go Global complaints process for handling queries.

Thankfully we don’t get many issues arising which aren’t dealt with immediately but here goes:

We undertake to respond to all emails and calls within 24hrs. Most of our agents are available outside of normal working hours for your convenience.

Your dedicated Account Manager will attempt to answer your questions quickly and efficiently.

Should your issue not be effectively rectified it will be passed to a Senior Member of our network who will handle the issue from this point personally.

We look to take an independent ‘outsiders view’ of the issue and will go to great lengths to put a clients Australia Visa application back on track.

Additionally it has to be said that anything genuine concerning a migration issue would also have been replied to the moment.

What is An Online Migration Network
We are far from ‘traditional’ and don’t limit our client service to ‘old world’ stuffy offices and bureaucracy. Let’s Go! Global is a network of immigration professionals utilising the latest IT technology to communicate and work effectively and efficiently on behalf of our clients.

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We’re incredibly proud of the Let’s Go! Global website and blog. It has been the result of many thousands of man hours and lots of talent. If you have any further questions of comments or indeed would like a real reference from a real existing client simply let your account manager know.

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