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The Cost of Living in Australia is a little cheaper on the whole than most other Developed Nations.

It’s the best ‘general’ way of explaining it as far as emigrating to Australia is concerned. We love you to be armed with all the facts and have a realistic expectation as to the cost of living in Australia.

Australia used to be cheap but put simply that just isn’t the case anymore! Australia is one of the most powerful and vibrant economies in the World; No mean feat for a total population of 25 million and with that comes, inevitably, an increase in the cost of living. Interestingly though salaries are higher than the UK so it all evens out in the end.

Ask any ‘expert’ in migration the price of a pint of milk in Australia and watch them squirm… It’s $1.74 by the way!

The cost of other essentials should give you a better idea
Loaf of bread $2.94
Dozen Eggs $4.38
Pint of Imported British Beer $5.50 so actually cheaper than elsewhere in Europe or the USA!

For those that smoke a good reason to quit is news that the price of a packet of Marlboro has reached a whopping $22 per pack! That is just about the most expensive pack in the World!

A litre of petrol will set you back about $1.54 (again, much cheaper than elsewhere in Europe) so you’ll be ‘quid’s in’ when you fill up a brand new VW Golf which costs $27,490.

The cost of living in Australia is obviously impacted by the cost of housing rentals and most people emigrating tend to rent for the first period. Essentially the same rules apply here in Australia as elsewhere in the developed World. If you’re renting in Central London or any of the major cities you will expect to pay a disproportionately higher amount than if you lived a little further out. In Australia when you choose to live in the suburbs you will find that you get much more ‘bang for your buck’ when compared to the likes of UK for example. Most families we emigrate end up with a Swimming Pool, for example as a minimum and one only has to see the Facebook pictures of friends and family who’ve made the move out to see at first glance exactly what standard of living most skilled migrants to Australia enjoy.