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Education in Australia has it's roots in the UK system and you will already be familiar with the Primary, Secondary and Further Education setup.

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Education in Australia

Children will be in the Primary education sector for seven to eight years and it runs from early years through to year 6 or 7. They will then move to lower secondary for 3 or 4 years from year 7 to 10 or 8 to 10. Senior secondary school then runs for two years from year 11 to 12. In terms of Universities Australia has one of the World’s finest and respected tertiary education systems with many Internationally Accredited institutions.

Compulsory schooling runs for 13 years in total with each year broken down into four semesters – usually called terms like in in UK. A big difference though is that the school year starts in late January / early February whereas in the UK your child s age at the beginning of September dictates what year group they are in.

The cost of education in Australia is certainly something to consider although those families lucky enough to be eligible for Permanent Residency will not have to make a contribution towards state education costs – which varies from $10,000 and $30,000 in total. University fees as an International Student are significant but again, those who are part of a Permanent Residency family are treated as if they are domestic (i.e. Australian) for the purposes of fee calculation.

Australian schools are ranked among the best in the World with small class sizes and University educated teachers and specialist subject matter experts in all schools. In the UK we have seen a huge rise teachers without the traditional qualifications associated with the profession whilst in Australia the rules and qualifications have only become tighter over the past few years reflecting the fact that education is very highly regarded in Australia.

School facilities are of an exceptional standard right across Australia with World Class levels of technology in all schools; Most schools have Apple labs whilst all have super fast internet access.

Talented pupils are encouraged via separate programmes of study to maximise their potential with top level students given the opportunity to study University level subjects so they can get advance credits before they even get to University. At the other end of the spectrum individual learning teachers are assigned to those who may require additional support and Australia has some of the best Special Needs support in the World.

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