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Australia is one of the most interesting and diverse Countries in the World and full of fun and amazing facts!

We love a few Australia fun facts here in the Lets Go Global offices and never a day goes by without hearing a gem or two. Obviously these are the more sanitized ones!

Australia Fun Facts
-the biggest property in Australia is bigger than the whole of Belgium!

-Australia is huge! See just how big is Australia

-more than 85% of Australians live around the Coastal areas

-the richest woman in Australia earns $600 every single second

-each week over 70 people overstay their visa (please don’t be one of them)

-the UK has over 250 people per square kilometre compared to Australia which has 3

-the first Australian Police Force was made up entirely of convicts

-if you visited one new beach every day in Australia it would take you 27 years

-there are 3 times more sheep than people

-European settlers in Australia drank more than any other society in history! Ouch!

-the Snowy Mountains get more snow than Switzerland

-there is a man drought in some Australian States!

-Melbourne is consistently ranked as the best City in the World

-no native Australian animals have hooves

-the selfie was ‘invented’ in Australia

don’t worry too much about spiders!

We are full of fun and interesting facts – our team is made up of real people, not robots. Each and every member of the team eat, breathe and live Australia. They only ever have one goal; The successful Australia Immigration of you and your family.

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