Healthcare in Australia

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Healthcare in Australia used to be similar to the NHS in the UK.

Healthcare in Australia
Thirty years ago however they took the bold step of switching to the Medicare system which is a similar model to that used in Canada. The bottom line being that it works well.

Most people have some form of Private Medical cover on top of Medicare which simply smooths their healthcare process even further. National Insurance contributions are lower than in most of Europe for individuals and so most expats living in Australia don’t see too much of an overall difference. On top of Medicare the Pharmaceutical Benefits Scheme also subsides a huge range of prescription benefits.

When your Permanent residency is granted you will be issued with a Medicare card which is needed for all non private healthcare in Australia.

Emergency Cover
Hopefully a trip to the Emergency Room will be low on your to-do list agenda but if you do need emergency treatment you will receive leading treatment. You will be picked up in an ambulance and treated by some of the best Doctors and Nurses in the World. We’ve all heard the horror stories from the USA about people being refused treatment if they don’t have insurance cover. It simply does not happen in Australia.

You may however have to pay for the cost of the ambulance which is where your Private Medical cover kicks in. These costs vary from state to state and in New South Wales for example the ambulance will cost you between $300 and $400 Australian Dollars. Not a great deal for what maybe the most important taxi ride of your life!

Private Medical Healthcare in Australia – do I need it?
No, but there are obvious and clear benefits to having cover. Most families pay around $100 AUD a month which and there are lots of juicy tax benefits and incentives offered by the Australian Government to take this.

The Let’s Go! team don’t advise on private Medical Cover as this is covered by a separate set of rules and regulations but we can point you in the right direction to a number of providers in the general course of business if you ask us – and rest assured we refuse to take any incentive or commission for doing this.