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One of the most common questions is what is the weather in Australia really like?

We’ve all seen the pictures from friends and family on Facebook and the sun always used to shine on the TV Shows Neighbours and Home and Away! The real answer is of course that it varies. It varies a lot and of course that’s the same for rainfall averages as well.

To get a good comparison it’s like comparing the weather in Denmark to the weather in Dubai. Usually the Northern parts of Australia are hot all year round, which makes sense as it’s much nearer to the Equator than the rest of Australia. This also means that the Winter in the North is also the rainy season.

From the Gold Coast right the way down to Sydney you will expect lovely Winters (Winter as we know it – remember winter here is summer there) and the same applies to Brisbane, Melbourne and Perth. Whilst every application and emigration case we work on is unique the weather is always an important factor in most people’s decisions to get the process started – it is no coincidence that our busiest time for taking on lovely new clients is between October and March!

Key Points to remember about the Weather in Australia:
The climate is not just hot – it really does have something to suit everyone across the Continent.

South Australia is usually cooler with Tasmania even getting a chill and icy breeze in from Antarctica!

If you prefer hotter weather you will most likely prefer the North, but in reality the temperate down the East and West Coast is superb and will really allow you to enjoy the Australian Work Life balance.

For milder weather the more Southern States are probably most suited to you.

In the footer of our site you will find an up to the minute forecast map so you can keep your eye on the weather in Australia.

Essentially though, wherever you emigrate to a warmer or cooler climate is only a couple of hours away on a plane!