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One of the major reasons people Emigrate to Australia is for a better work life balance.

The following key average work life balance benefits of Australia make for interesting reading
-People in Australia work on average 10% less than the Global average

-Full time workers devote 60% of their day on average to leisure time

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-The cost of childcare in Australia is significantly lower than the developed World average

-On average most people are satisfied or happy with their current work-life balance. In the UK, France, USA and Malaysia most people put that they were unhappy!

-On average, Australian salaries are 36% higher than by European standards

-Australia’s healthcare system is one of the best in the World. They use Medicare instead of an NHS or purely private healthcare system.

-First time homeowners in Australia can apply for a grant of up to $12,500 regardless of age or status

-Australians spend up to 75% of their leisure time in the Great outdoors

-Most Australian States have the cleanest air on the planet

-Australian children are classed as some of the healthiest anywhere

-There are more restaurants per capita than anywhere else in the World

-Australia has some of the best Internationally recognized Universities

-Australia has some of the lowest utility prices in the developed World

-Melbourne is the Sporting Capital of the World

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