Australia Permanent Residency


Australia Permanent Residency

Australia Permanent Residency is the ultimate aim for most immigration to Australia. Unless someone is highly specialized on a 457 work placement then it’s likely they’ll be aspiring towards Australia permanent residency. Even those on 457 and temporary visa classes could (and usually do) harbour eventual dreams of becoming permanent residents of one of the World’s most desirable countries.

And who can blame them, right? A landmass bigger than Europe with a population of only 25million. One of the most advanced economies in the World with leading education and healthcare. It’s no surprise that Australia Permanent Residency is one of the most popular google searches right now.

Australia Permanent Residency isn’t for everyone and to be honest only a small percentage of people in the World can satisfy all of the Australia permanent residency requirements. It is a select few who can pass the Australian permanent residency points rule and have an occupation that is currently classed as ‘in demand’.

Lets Go Global have an enviable 100% success rate in many occupation codes. Take our Free Assessment today to confirm your eligibility.

There are many professions, trades and occupations wanted for Australia for Permanent residency which include but are no means limited to:
IT / ICT Professionals

Don’t worry if you’re not on this list you need to see the full Australia Immigration guide

Australia permanent residency gives so many benefits; in fact, many more benefits than people realize such as the right for you and your family to live and work in the region without exception, the right to travel to and from Australia without the need for anymore visas, access to education and healthcare and the right to sponsor others on Australian Permanent residency after two years.

The biggest benefit of Australia Permanent Residency however is that it converts to full Australian Citizenship after four years! That’s right, even though it’s called a PR visa it is actually designed to be the first step towards full emigration to Australia including Citizenship and getting an Australian Passport.

Remember though that Australia permanent residency requirements are tough! They don’t let just anyone in and this is actually what attracts most people to the Country!

Australia permanent residency to citizenship
Full Citizenship status can be applied for after four years in Australia. It is a worthwhile step and actually quite straightforward as long as you’ve been a model potential citizen and pass the Australia Citizenship Test. If you don’t meet the criteria for Citizenship you can apply for Australia permanent residency renewal which lasts for a further five years. Within this time it is expected that you’ll have the minimum number of year’s residency to apply for full Citizenship from PR.

Australia Permanent Residency Requirements
The requirements for Australia Permanent residency are lengthy although the main criteria are:
The lead applicant is aged under 45
They have an occupation on the Skilled List
They score 60 points. Although for accounting immigration 2016 and 2017 accountants need to score 65 points
Detailed points score for Australia PR

Apply for Australia Permanent Residency
We always recommend choosing the services of a reputable Migration Consultancy and here at Let’s Go! Global we have very strict criteria as to which clients we’ll work with.

We are sure it shows through in our Let’s Go! Global Reviews and we love challenging and technical cases although we won’t give you false hope. We only take on cases that pass our strict internal policies which is why we can offer our No Visa No Fee refund guarantee for those we know have the change to get permanent residency in Australia.

For your free consultation with one of our specialists in your particular occupation take our free visa assessment today, without obligation.

Permanent residency Australia cost
$3600 for the main applicant
$1800 for the secondary applicant
$900 for children under 18
$1800 for children over 18

Types of Australia Permanent Residency Visa
There are many subclassess of general Migration visas for Australia which give PR status and can convert into full Citizenship. The main PR visas are the 189 subclass and the 190 although there are also a few other visa routes that can eventually lead to PR status. Check which Australia visa is right for you.

Permanent Residency Australia 457
Moving to Australia with permanent residency is an expensive commitment and beware anyone who tells you otherwise. Because of the nature of the financial cost many people start to think about getting 457 visa permanent residency although we must look at this in more detail and examine the motives.

Just as in the UK, US and Europe business are reluctant to Sponsor people and it is very rare that any Australian employer is going to offer a ‘Golden Ticket’ in the current climate. By Golden ticket we mean an employer who will take the risk of paying for visas, accommodation, shipping and the full ‘expat package’. It simply doesn’t exist except in the very highest echelons of business where the same ‘expat packages’ are prevalent throughout the world.

A company may offer a 457 visa on its own i.e. without relocation or as is usual they will simply wait until you have secured your own Australia permanent residency before offering you the job formally. That way they don’t even need to think about the issues with employer sponsored visas in the current climate.

The 457 employer sponsored visa does not offer Permanent residency. It is a temporary visa which we feel actually restricts the employee in their career and life choices. If for whatever reason the job doesn’t work out you only have 60 days to find a new sponsor or risk being an over stayer. Remember also that you must pay for medical insurance and education whilst still meeting most of the Australia permanent residency requirements including in many instances having a Skills Assessment for Migration.

How long does it take to get an Australian Permanent Residency Visa
The Australia permanent residency processing time varies from case to case. Once your application has been submitted via the expression of interest portal on SkillSelect then it remains active for a two year period.

During this time if you haven’t received an invitation to apply for Australia permanent residency then you’ll need to resubmit your Expression of Interest. Interestingly enough the select clients that Let’s Go! Global chooses to work with usually receive their Australian Permanent residency invitations in a matter of months.

For more information take our Free Visa Assessment today, without obligation

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Australia Permanent Residency
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by Debbie V, London on Australia Permanent Residency
189 Permanent Visa Granted

Massive thanks to everyone at Lets Go Global for working so hard on my 189 visa application. I felt really looked after from day one when I had the first free consultation and decided to go with them that day. From this point the pace moved very quickly and I'm pleased to say I'm now a Permanent Resident of Australia.

Great News Debbie. We're delighted with yet another positive Australian Immigration result.