Australia, How Big Is It Really?


Does size matter in Australia?

Well, when you become Australian you will find that it does, very much so but not in the ways you might think.

Australia is a huge landmass pretty much the size of Europe. When someone abroad asks you where you’re from you name your Country, or even one part of it such as Scotland, or Denmark. When you’re from ‘Down Under’ you boldly State ‘Australia’ and people accept it. In reality its the same as saying ‘I’m from Europe’. Which is bizarre when you think of the size and diversity from the UK to Italy, from Ukraine to Portugal and everywhere in between.

There are some even more startling facts to take into consideration. Australia has a population of just under 25 million people. Putting this into perspective that’s the same as the population of London, Paris and Berlin and that’s it! In a country the size of Europe!

This insane fact never ceases to amaze us especially as one of the most common questions from those looking to move Down Under is about whether there will be enough demand for their role. Put simply, if your Occupation is on the SOL then there will be demand. True, there are lots of detractors but these are usually the ones already living in Australia. They’ve already made the move themselves so don’t let them put you off such a life changing decision.

With such a small population in Global terms they have done something remarkable as a Country. Australia is a Global force to me reckoned with economically and militarily and has been for a number of years. No less than four Australian cities top the best cities in the world to live live.

The drive to continue to develop and prosper really underpins the principle of Australian Immigration. Theirs is about measured Immigration to bring in and nurture the right skills that are going to be needed to further both their economy and their standing on the World stage. With Permanent Residency on a 189 or 190 visa the idea of Australian Immigration is not to fill a short term gap in the market; It’s more about what you are going to bring to Australian economy over the rest of your life, and then your children’s lives also.

Imagine if Europe had a population of just 25 million? Something to think about next time you’re stuck in traffic to or from the daily grind…

Author: Courtney Davies @ Lets Go! Global