Child Care Centre Manager Australia


Child Care Centre Manager Australia

How to move to Australia as a Child Care Centre Manager updated for 2019
Immigrating to Australia as a Child Care Centre Manager is a complicated process yet one which we’ve successfully completed for clients many times over and we see 2019 as continuing this trend.

The role of Child Care Centre Manager Australia is on the Medium Long Term Strategic Skills List (MLTSSL) which is the top list of desirable occupations. If you’re a Child Care Centre Manager you could be emigrating to Australia sooner than you think.

Child Care Centre Manager Australian Immigration

The Australian Immigration code for Child Centre Manager is 134111. As with all Skilled Migration, those with Child Care Centre Manager skills wanting to emigrate to Australia* must first satisfy the Emigrate to Australia points score of 65.

For full details and to work out your points score take a look at our Australia Migration Points Calculator.

How Can I Emigrate to Australia as a Child Care Centre Manager

Alternatively, feel free to take our online visa assessment to have your chances reviewed by a dedicated Child Care Centre Manager Australia Immigration specialist. Our initial assessment consultations are always complimentary. We would never take on a Child Care Centre Manager Australia case without being personally 100% certain that we could construct the very best case for you.

Free Online Visa Assessment

Australia Visas Available to Child Care Centre Managers

Because Child Care Centre Manager Australia is on the MLTSSL you may, depending on overall points score, be eligible for a whole raft of Australia Visas such as:

Child Care Centre Manager 189 Visa Australia
Child Care Centre Manager 190 Visa Australia
Child Care Centre Manager 489 Visa Australia

For the 190 State Sponsored Permanent residency Visa the following States are currently placing their weight behind applicants from this 134111 category:

New South Wales
Northern Territory
South Australia
Western Australia (note: a formal Job Offer will be required to take advantage of any Permanent Residency Visa offered by the state of Western Australia).

Requirements to Immigrate to Australia as a Child Care Centre Manager

The first stage in your immigration to Australia project as a Child Care Centre Manager is for us to complete your formal Skills Assessment. A Skills Assessment is not a formal test although is much more ‘in depth’ than first appears.

A Skills Assessment is best described as a decision ready legal bundle of documents which must be submitted to the assessment body.

This bundle of documents will evidence everything about you, your skills, employment history, education, training and everything in between. Remember, the Assessment bodies are the ‘gatekeepers’ of Immigration and as such this step is vitally important. Often clients are woefully unprepared for the rigours of document collation and as part of our service we provide all support in this instance.

In order to emigrate to Australia as a Child Care Centre Manager you’ll be:

be employed in a similar role in your Country of Residence
have experience in creating programs that improve the development of children
be adept at managing Carers
will likely have responsibility for health and safety in the Child Care Centre
be the responsible person for Government regulation and inspections
have significant parent liaison responsibility and skills
have some financial responsibility in terms of record keeping and accounts recruiting staff and organise continuing professional development for staff
you may also be known as a Centre Director or Coordinator. In the USA and Canada you’ll be known as a Kindergarten Manager or Kindergarten Director.

Education requirements for Child Care Centre Managers Moving to Australia

You will have either a Bachelors Degree or equivalent level of vocational study. In certain circumstances the need for formal Child Care Centre Manager qualifications can be waived through a process called recognition of prior experience although the risks involved in taking this route through to Child Care Centre Manager Skills Assessment are obviously increased. If you have five years or more experience as a Child Care Centre Manager then you may qualify by experience yet this is not a route we recommend.

Child Care Centre Manager Jobs in Australia
The average salary of a Child Care Centre Manager in Australia is $93,972 per annum (as of January 2019). This is the average salary across the whole of Australia and certain states such as NSW or Western Australia will see incomes in the higher salary ranges.

In 2019 demand for Child Care Centre Managers is expected to rise by a phenomenal 33% across the Country. There has never been a better time to start the immigration process and remember, the whole process for start to finish may take between one and two years!

Employer Sponsored Child Care Centre Manager Jobs in Australia
A few years ago Australian Immigration received one of the most serious setbacks when the Employer Sponsored visa class came under increased political scrutiny. The program was subject to some vast changes which saw it become increasingly difficult for employers to sponsor employees in not just the Child Care Centre Manager role but in all roles, across the spectrum of Australian Immigration.

We’ll never say something is impossible and after securing your positive Child Care Centre Manager Skills Assessment we’ll work with you in terms of recruitment and explore the TSS visa route although our main focus will of course be on Permanent residency for you and your loved ones.

Let’s Go Global have a dedicated Child Care Centre Australian Immigration specialist ideally placed to represent you through the complex and challenging emigration process, leaving you and your loved ones free to focus on the more exciting elements of your move to Australia.

We currently have a 100% success rate with our Child Care Manager clients which is indicative of your skills, professionalism and diligence in pursuit of your Immigration rights as well as the strength of our own internal policies which ensure we’ll never represent someone who we don’t believe from the very start can achieve the milestones needed to move to Australia.

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