Choosing A Migration Agent


Choosing a Migration Agent

Choosing a migration agent is one of the most difficult choices an individual or family can make.

Let’s start with the obvious! Technically speaking you don’t need to use a migration agent to Immigrate to Australia! We say this because we’re not scared of losing market share to those who want to attempt the process themselves.

The internet is full of both horror stories and successful cases that have been mounted and fought by individuals and we have the utmost respect for anyone looking to attempt the Australian immigration process themselves, without choosing a migration agent.

Many Australian Migration consultants hide specific information during the consultation period and we go great lengths to be different.

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We find that clients like to know exactly what steps we’ll be taking to secure their Australian Visas, how long it’s likely to take, the costs involved and the likelihood of a successful outcome.

Here at Lets Go Global our mission is to be the loveliest brand in Australian Migration so we share everything in simplified clarity. Should a client wish to attempt the process themselves after our Consultation that’s fine. Some people are built that way, have the time, effort, inclination and risk profile to attempt their own migration.

We find that by operating with clarity makes choosing a migration agent much easier for potential clients.

Choosing a Migration Agent for your Overseas Emigration Visas

MARA Agents

Australian Citizens or those with permanent residency are the only ones who can be MARA regulated. From this perspective Australia likes to keep a quasi-monopoly on immigration. This means no other nationality or resident can ever become MARA registered even if they have decades of experience.

Do always check that any agent you choose is registered with the Australian Office of the MARA

Why do people choose to use a migration agent for Down Under Visas?
The same reason people use a raft of Professional services; for peace of mind, security and efficiency. Yes, you could compile your own set of reports and accounts yet many employ an Accountant. True, you could defend yourself in Court yet many use a Solicitor or Barrister. We view Migration services in the same way.

Don’t rely on forums when choosing an australian migration agent

Many large and small forums (mentioning no names!) are actually marketing and advertising vehicles of Migration Agents, or certainly receive commission and kickbacks from them. Unfortunately there is a very common practice of Migration Agents paying bribes to third parties to refer clients.

In the online forum world you will see the same recommendations cropping up time and again, whilst others are ‘shouted down’. Please remember to take forum recommendations with more than a pinch of salt.

Let’s Go Global refuse to pay bribes for clients. Ours is a policy of attraction over promotion and we have certain criteria which must be met before we will work with a client.

Does the migration agent offer a Free Consultation?

Most reputable migration agents should offer a free consultation; an opportunity for you to get to know them and vice versa. The consultation should aim to answer any and all questions you have and to determine your eligibility and migration pathway. The only reason for a migration agent to charge for a consultation is as part of the sales process. In general (sadly) once someone has made a small financial contribution to an agent they are more likely to commit greater funds.

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Is a Migration Agent or Consultancy being too pushy?
This is another warning flag when choosing a migration agent. Many firms work on numbers and volume with very large commissions being paid to sales teams all over the World. Australian Immigration is big business globally and has been valued conservatively at more than $10billion.

If you ever feel under pressure to sign up, or that an agent is being too keen to on-board you then take this as a warning and listen to your gut instincts for they will usually be right.

Let’s Go! Global is a unique bespoke consultancy delivering exceptional levels of client care. Your account director will usually be available outside of ‘normal’ office hours and we are happy to report that many clients become friends over the time we work with them.

Using the Internet when choosing a migration agent
It is a sad fact that many of the more shadier elements of international migration regularly engage in what can only be classed as ‘brand damagement’ of anyone they consider a threat. There is no reputable agent that hasn’t been trolled at some point or another so if a review or positing looks like a rant, or its use of English is suspect it has usually been written by a so called ‘competitor’. You may also want to check out Migration Agent Reviewer

We simply don’t engage in these practices and will never comment on another firm or individual. It’s part of our founding ethos. We’d rather publish our Lets Go Global reviews online.

Does the migration agent understand you?
We’re not talking about use of language here although if you have basic difficulty communicating with your agent then do look elsewhere.

We are referring to the personal understanding of you. Your aims, desires, wants and fears. When choosing a migration agent they should take the time to listen, to understand and to demonstrate a broad knowledge of your occupation code. In short, they need to be able to talk your language both personally and professionally. They need to understand the nature of your occupation because at Skills Assessment this will place you at a distinct advantage.

Personal Relationships
The most important factor of all to consider when making your choice of migration agent.

It is important that you work with someone with whom you’re comfortable and who you feel you can trust.

Professional fees are an investment yet even beyond this financial commitment it’s going to be a truly emotional journey.

It’s vitally important therefore to have a great connection from the start for there will be times the client relationship comes under great strain, there will also be times of great relief and happiness and your relationship needs to weather the ups, downs and frustrations of your migration project.

Let’s Go! Global, the loveliest brand in Australian Migration