Electricians Wanted In Australia


Electricians Wanted In Australia
First published in 2016 this article was updated in 2017, 2018 and now for 2019.

As long as you have your NVQ III / City & Guilds equivalent, the South African (if that’s where you’re from) Red Seal or North American and European equivalents you are an electrician wanted in Australia.

By being one of the select electricians wanted in Australia you are among the top level of potential skilled migrants looking to emigrate and, provided we can assess your skills, you have a great chance of being able to live and work in Australia without restriction on a 189 or 190 Permanent Residency Visa.

Sponsored electrician jobs in Australia
Some electricians wanted in Australia are able to secure TSS employer sponsored visasalthough these are certainly not as popular as they once were.

They are no longer as popular mainly due to the increased hurdles an employer has to jump over to sponsor an electrician to Australia in 2019. These days an electrical employer must turn over their tax returns, have advertised the electricians job for a considerable period of time and sometimes even lodge an amount of money for your eventual repatriation in addition to making a specified investment into the Australian ‘Skilling’ Fund.

Australia electrician jobs
We find that most electrical employers will ask for your visas to be granted first before they’ll offer you the electrician job in Australia.

Finding Australia electrician jobs after your Skills Assessment and Australia Visa tends to be an easy process. People just like you, with differing backgrounds, skills and experience are all electricians wanted in Australia. Our internal electrician jobs service will start work on your behalf before we are even halfway through the immigration procedures.

Electrician work in Australia
Making speculative job applications for electricial work in Australia before you’ve started the process is usually a fruitless and pointless task. Most potential employers will look at your skills and say ‘great, what visa do you have?’

For an example of the most recent electrician jobs in Australia check out our up to date job board. It’s important to note that electrician jobs in Australia for UK citizens are the same opportunities as electrician jobs in Australia for foreigners so it’s very important that you a) realize there is competition from all over the world and b) make sure you search for both during your online research.

As you can see given the amount of regulation surrounding employer sponsored visas in 2017 / 2018 it is unlikely you’ll find an employer sponsored job as an electrician. If you do, it’s rare they will pay for flights and accommodation.

And this isn’t a bad thing!
Here’s why…

On an employer sponsored visa you are always ‘temporary’. This means that should your employment not work out you only have 60 days to find another electrician sponsor or risk being classed as an over stayer. Additionally, if you are moving with a family you will likely have to make a significant contribution to healthcare and education for your children.

In most instances you will still need to do an electrician skills assessment for your TSS visa to get your OTSR and eventual A Grade license.

Permanent residency Visas are by far the most appealing option for Electricians wanted in Australia.

They take a lot more effort but the rewards come back tenfold. Let’s Go! Global have a specialist electrical account manager whose role is to secure your Australia Visa and your Electrical License in Australia.

We have a % success rate with the electricians we work with and leave no stone unturned in the pursuit of your migration. After all, with electricians wanted in Australia we have the flexibility to push forwards with the application until it results in a successful outcome for you and your family.

As an electrician on permanent residency your visa is as permanent as you want to make it. PR lasts initially for five years and during that time if you spend four years in Australia you can apply for a Dual Passport. If you don’t spend four years in country it is possible to extend your PR status for a further 5 years leading to Citizenship and Dual Nationality in this time.

Most importantly though, you remain in control of your own Australian destiny and are not tied to an employer in any way, shape or form. If a job doesn’t work out you are free to leave and find other work. And after your Australian A Grade electrical license is granted you will be free to set up your own business or go self employed as a contractor.

Examples of Electricians Wanted in Australia for Emigration
Domestic electrician
Commercial electrician
Industrial electrician
Offshore electrician
Electrical technician
Electrical engineer

Australia Electrician Salary
electrician in Australia wages are strong and continue to be driven by supply and demand factors i.e. your job is still on the MLTSSL Australian ‘in demand’ list representing a shortage of electricians in Australia with the right skills.

Yes, we see many people complaining about life in Australia as an electrician although we very much doubt they went through the right process to get there. In all likelihood they’ll be working as unqualified electricians even though they may technically have all their certificates from their home country.

If an electrician moves to Australia without a Skills Assessment and Offshore Technical Skills Record they’ll find it hard to secure their eventual A Grade License down under.

The average salary for an electrician in Australia varies from State to State and we find that typically Perth in Western Australia offers the best wages for electricians although the following States employ the most skilled electrical tradies:

New South Wales: 32.2%
Queensland: 19.7%
Victoria: 12.1%

Electricians featured heavily in our recent Australia Tradies earnings list with Western Australia Electricians pulling in around $98 an hour on average. Victoria electricians coin around $88 per hour also which is still an increase for many. It’s also important to remember that these are average rates including the earnings of trainees and unqualified electricians.

Australia Electrical Training
All electricians wanted in Australia initially emigrate on a Provisional Electrical License which we will secure based on your Skills Assessment and OTSR Certificate. When you eventually move to Australia we will help you get quickly established to work towards your A Grade Certificate.

This Certificate requires that you complete modules for the Australian Context and whilst for some people it can take up to a year the majority fly through the required stages and have it granted in a far quicker timeframe.

For more information about emigrating as one of Let’s Go! Global electricians wanted in Australia take our free visa assessment as the first stage for a no nonsense explanation of your eligibility and the process, complete with anticipated costs and timeframes.

Emigrate To Australia with Let’s Go! Global

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Electricians Wanted in Australia
Average rating:  
 11 reviews
by Seb on Electricians Wanted in Australia


Thanks for the great info! I'm an apprentice from Canada. How hard is it to get a license equivalence in Australia? Is there anything I should have to further help me in my process?

by Vincent on Electricians Wanted in Australia

Hi, first of all thanks for all the good information on your website. I've stayed in Australia for 1.5 years previously and decided to come back home (Netherlands) Now I really want to come back to Australia to live and work there. I just started my course to be an electrician. The course is 3-4 years I work for 4 days en 1 day I stay in school. My question is, would it be still on the skilled migration list in 4 years? And how many work years experience I need to have to apply for the skilled migration?

Thank you very much and I would love to hear from you soon,

Kind regards,

Vincent Klein Robbenhaar

Hi Vincent, it's so very difficult to say with any certainty given the amount of changes currently happening in Australian Immigration. Fingers crossed for you.

by john edapal on Electricians Wanted in Australia
electrical engineering

am from kenya can i get sponsorship to work in your county?

by Maruc G on Electricians Wanted in Australia
Great Service for UK Sparks

Lets Go Global Trades migration team do an amazing job for sparks. They really understand all of my qualifications and what they mean. It was good talking to someone who knew the trade because it made the whole process so much easier in the long run.

by Ron P on Electricians Wanted in Australia
Received Our 189 Visa! 🙂 🙂

We have just received our visa approvals and are just over the moon, and I wanted to thank the whole Trades Migration team who kept us on track and calm throughout the whole process.

We had no idea at the start how complicated this was for an electrician emigrating to Australia, and in hindsight I can see now the places we would have gone wrong.

I really feel we owe them a huge thank you, and happy to recommend Lets Go Global to anyone who wants to move to Australia as an electrician. Thanks so much for making my families dreams come true.

Hi Ron, you're absolutely correct. The process for emigrating as a UK qualified electrician is one of the toughest migration projects to undertake. We're delighted with the positive results.

by Gordon H on Electricians Wanted in Australia
17th or 18th Edition Electricians Australia

Great information on this page very useful and I will be using your services for my visa application. My quick question before getting the ball rolling is about the new 18th edition wiring regs tests.

I have the 17th edition and I held the 16th before that but do I have to wait until I have the 18th until I start my Australian Visa application?

As long as you have NVQ 3 and the current 17th edition you will be fine. We do recommend however to always stay up to date with wiring regs before and during the immigration process.

by Richard Timms on Electricians Wanted in Australia
Moving to Australia as an Electrician, I really should have done this sooner

I'm an Electrician and after thinking about moving to Australia for a while, and knowing other guys who did it long ago and are loving it, I finally made the decision to move to Australia myself.  I spoke with LetsGo-Global and that night I decided to go for it.  Within days it was all progressing, with me sending the documents they needed and Alex from LetsGo-Global checking them and directing me what I needed to get next.  I sent a few things through that were not exactly right and Alex was all over it, getting back to me and setting it straight which was great.  I've already got my skills assessment done and been granted my OTSR and submitted my expression of interest to move to Australia, all a lot faster than I imagined, thanks to Alex.

If you are an electrician and thinking about the move to Australia, talk to this guy he is all over the details of how it's done and has been so much help.  Don't wait around as long as I did just thinking about going, wondering how hard it really was and thinking it was all too hard to sort out.  With Alex doing a bunch of the details and work for me it has been pretty easy really.

Thanks Richard,
You have been great to work with, an action taker and on top of getting each thing we have needed in quick time, you being so pro active helps us move things move forward so much faster. I know you are going to love living in Australia and congrats on making the decision and joining your friends over there. I can only imagine the reunion will be memorable.

by Emil Marton on Electricians Wanted in Australia


Its Emil, I'm from Hungary, I'm 31 years old.

I'm on a student visa right now and I am wondering, if I have any chance to get a permanent resident as an Electrician. I have done 2years Electrician (apprentice, TAFE) school in Hungary, then I worked 7 years as an Elecrician employee for a company.

I will be appreciate for your help.



Hi Emil, and thanks for your question. Please take our online visa assessment to enable us to review your specific circumstances in more detail.

by Patrick M, Ireland on Electricians Wanted in Australia
Great Communication

Thank you for your communication and your feedback and generally making us feel comfortable and well looked after. We couldn't have done this without you and you have been so patient with us.

by Kevin Wilson on Electricians Wanted in Australia
I would recommend using let’s go global

I would recommend using let’s go global, I first contacted them, when I was looking at different emigration agency’s. I decided to go with them because of George Mcdonald, he was very reassuring on the phone and completely understood why my family and I wanted to emigrate to Australia, he made me feel at ease.
During the whole process I was in contact with George Mcdonald, he answered my questions, settled my anxieties and offered encouragement.
I want to thank George for all his help in ensuring we got our visas, we are now making plans to start our new adventure!

Dear Kevin & Family,

Thank you so much for taking the time to leave such a heart-warming review of the service delivered by Lets Go Global and your case manager George McDonald in particular.

We strive to go over and above in terms of delivering a truly personalized experience and I’m pleased you thought we excelled here.

We are all absolutely thrilled by your successful Permanent Residency application and look forward to hearing from you once you make the move to Australia in the New Year.

It’s been an absolute privilege to represent you at this important juncture for your entire family. Well done on being so efficient in sourcing the required documentation and we look forward to hearing from you.

Kind regards from all at Lets Go Global Australian Migration

by Jon P on Electricians Wanted in Australia
189 Visas Granted Today! Thank You

I spoke to well over eight different Australia migration agents before I spoke to James from Lets Go Global. He just talked my language from the start and I was impressed (which is not something I am often). I've got Level 3 part P but only the 2394 and not the 2395. I was pleased to find out that the 2395 testing inspection wasn't a absolute requirement for getting our permanent Australia Visas. One thing I will say is whatever you think you know now you have no idea how much effort is going to be involved and I can't thank James from Lets Go Global enough.

Lets Go Global Tradies Response
Thank you Jon for your kind words. I've passed them onto your consultant directly. It was a few years ago now that we developed our Skilled Tradespeople desk and our experts stay up to date with all trades regulations in multiple international jurisdictions.