How to emigrate to Australia without a trade 2019


How to emigrate to Australia without a trade

Originally published in 2017 this article has been updated for 2019

This article is aimed at those searching how to emigrate to Australia without a trade and whilst here at Lets Go Global we have a dedicated Trades migration team we also assist many individuals and families from the professions, medicine, IT and engineering to make the move ‘Down Under’.

Thousands of people just like you emigrate to Australia without a trade each and we’d love you to become one of them.

Whilst there’s no doubt that most Tradies are in high demand in Australia they still only account for some 30% of families and individuals emigrating to Australia each and every year on Permanent Residency.

If you do have a skilled trade and have found this page then please do check out our occupation specific details for the following skilled trades looking to emigrate to Australia.


Or simply take our free visa assessment for an honest and straightforward review of your eligibility to emigrate along with costs and timeframes.

Most other applications come from those in the professions or other higher level occupations. By higher level we mean those that require some form of minimum key criteria that can be assessed and benchmarked as part of the Australian Immigration skills assessment process.

Where then do we start when looking at how to emigrate to Australia without a trade

Just because you don’t have a skilled trade doesn’t mean that your occupation is automatically disadvantaged. Indeed, the top level of occupation in demand; Known as the Medium Long Term Strategic Skills List have many hundreds of professions and occupations currently in demand in Australia.

At the very top of this non trades MLTSSL list are those in the professions, nurses immigrating to Australia are in very high demand and often see their applications accepted within a few weeks of lodging an Expression of Interest.

Secondary School teachers migrating to Australia are also in exceptionally high demand, and whilst Primary Teachers aren’t ranked as highly on the Occupations List as they once were, the education migration team at Let’s Go Global have an enviable success rate.

Qualified Paramedics are in short supply down under and as such, are on the wanted list as re those in the following sectors:

Accounting & Finance
Marketing & Advertising

Most Medical professionals (with the right qualifications) although health care assistants and Diploma qualified Nurses are now excluded from moving to Australia on Skilled Visa classes.

How to emigrate to Australia without a trade

Stage One
As will all Skilled Visa classes we first need to identify your occupation on the all important Skilled Occupations List. Its important to keep in mind that your role, job title and area of specialisation may not be classed the same here as it is in Australia so if in doubt, complete our free Australian Immigration visa assessment for a honest and strightforward eligibility check against current Australian emigration criteria.

How to emigrate to Australia without a trade

Stage two
Next up we need to secure the all important 65 points required for all Skilled Migraants just like you looking to emigrate to Australia. These 65 points are made up of a number of key factors such as age, qualifications, language skills and length of relevant work experience. Our Migration Points Calculator should help and we are always happy to assist with your eligibilty check free of charge.

*in the case of Accountants emigrating to Australia you’ll likely need a points score in excess of 65

How to emigrate to Australia without a trade: Skills Assessment

Skills Assessment time. Don’t worry, unlike a skills assessment for those with trades Professional Skills Assessments are paper based bundles of documentation that we need to gather in conjunction with you. Every profession has their own skills assessment body and its their job to say that are are who you say you are, and that you have the right skills, experience and qualifications in your profession or occupation compared to Australians in the same industry or sector.

Does it cost more money to emigrate to Australia without a trade

You’ll be pleased to hear that its actually slightly cheaper to emigrate to Australia without a trade! Those in the skilled trades such as electricians, welders, carpenters to name a few must complete either a practical demonstration or technical interview as part of their emigration skills assessment whilst for professionals there is no such practical test or interview. Usually a Skills Assessment for one of the professions is around $600 – $800 AUD whilst for an Electrician its now over $2000 AUD in total.

Expression of Interest
After receiving your positive Skills Assessment we’ll submit your formal Expression of Interest then it’s a waiting game to be called forward to apply for your formal Australian PR Visa.

How long does it take to emigrate to Australia without a trade?

This varies between clients of course and is based on your occupation, skills, and overall points score. It’s a good estimate to factor in one year from start to finish of the whole migration process. It can take longer and technically you could be waiting at Expression of Interest stage for up to two years. That said, we would be very disappointed if your emigration project took more than 18 months from start to finish.

If I don’t have a trade will I be disadvantaged immigrating to Australia?

Let’s Go Global are successful in assisting individuals and families to emigrate to Australia without a trade and retain a number of occupation code specialists who really understand your occupation to be best placed in assisting with Skills Assessment and your eventual Australian Immigration application. Our Immigration specialists are available at hours to suit you with most of our initial consultations taking place in the late afternoon and early evening.

Let’s Go! Global is not affiliated with the Australian Government but is an independent network of Immigration Professionals specializing in providing Skills Assessment and Professional Advocacy representation for individuals, families and businesses looking to relocate to Australia.

Take Our Free Visa Assessment Today To Check Your Eligibility To Emigrate To Australia

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Moving to Australia Without A Trade
Average rating:  
 12 reviews
by Mickey Jones on Moving to Australia Without A Trade
Good Info

Good info thanks

by Jon C on Moving to Australia Without A Trade

Excellent article on how to move to Australia without a skilled trade. Very informative and hits the right points.

by Liam H on Moving to Australia Without A Trade

Thanks for the info

by Hollie S on Moving to Australia Without A Trade
Good Info

Thanks for the good info

by Sammy C on Moving to Australia Without A Trade
Thank you

Thank you for the great information I found it very useful can you tell me please if Primary Teachers are on the MLTSSL List to be able to emigrate to Australia?

Hi Sammy & thank you for your comments.
Primary Teaching is not currently on the Medium Long Term Strategic Skills List.

by Anne L on Moving to Australia Without A Trade

Helpful article.

by Gerry C on Moving to Australia Without A Trade
Thank You

Very good, clear and full information thank you. Can you tell me please if I need transcripts from my university or if a degree certificate is fine and all they need over at Vetassess?

Every Skills Assessment body will require transcripts.

by Jayne S, Peterborough. UK on Moving to Australia Without A Trade
Amazing Free Consultation

I'm really happy as I'm writing this. Our eligibility to emigrate to Australia has been finally confirmed after the best in depth free consultation I've received in this process. I've been struggling to get the answers I need for weeks because no matter how we looked at our potential application I couldn't seem to work it out. We didn't have enough points and neither me or DH had a trade. Well, it turns out both our occupations are on the secondary list and whilst it seemed we were 5 points short it was explained clearly to us that we would both need to do a skills assessment and that way I got the extra 5 points needed to add to the application. Usually as I understand it only one person needs to be the lead applicant although with our case we simply need to do two.
Thank you Lets Go Global for shedding light in the darkness and explaining everything in clear detail. I will be using your service and getting the ball rolling next week. We can emigrate to Australia without a trade and I for one am actually delighted at this point!

Jayne, we are delighted to have been able to answer your questions and confirm your eligibility to emigrate to Australia without a trade. We look forward to working with you.

by Tom K, Hull UK on Moving to Australia Without A Trade
I didnt think I could emigrate to Australia

I'm not a tradesman. I considered a few years ago retraining to become a bricklayer but just as I was about to start the course the bricklayer code was removed from the list! I know its back on there now but at the time there didn't seem any real point in going forward with an occupation that wasn't going to get me down under anytime soon.
As a digital marketing consultant I thought I had no chance to move to Australia but after speaking with the guys at Lets Go Global I was shocked. I had to go for a slightly different visa class because I couldn't get the full 189 PR visa so we went for the 190 visa route which I was shocked to learn still has Permanent Residency status. It just means that I had to live and work in a particular state for the first two years which was actually fine. More than fine! My 190 PR visas were granted in October and I'm now happily living my dream. Absolutely faultless service from everyone at Lets Go Global and I cant thank you enough.
If you're like me and wondering if you can even move to Australia without a trade speak to Lets Go Global. Highly recommended. 5*

Thank you Tom, for your kind words. We are always amazed by the lack of real information around eligibility to move to Australia without a trade. Whilst trades are certainly in high demand the list of eligible occupations is still very broad and as you found, with the right points, qualifications and skills assessment its certainly very, very possible even with all the changes being made.

by James G, Grays, Essex. UK on Moving to Australia Without A Trade
Great Service from Lets Go Global

What more can I say? I emigrated to Australia without a trade. I'm an IT professional and whilst I found the Skills Assessment stage quite tough on terms of paperwork required Lets Go Global were with me every single step of the way. I can't thank you enough from the bottom of my heart. Well worth every penny to get your Australian Visa.

Hi James, we are delighted with your positive comments. Thank you.

by Caroline Smithe, Scotland on Moving to Australia Without A Trade
Teaching Down Under

As a teacher I heard sooooo much about us not being on the list or it being difficult. Not the case at all with George from Lets Go Global. I have recommend him to all my friends and in fact ANYONE who has asked me about Lets Go xxxxx


Lets Go Global Reviews Response:

Thank you Caroline for your kind comments. I have passed them onto George especially.

by Robert P, UK on Moving to Australia Without A Trade
Top Class

ICU Nurse here adding my comments with a 189 PR visa granted for me, my wife and two children. Job done. Great service and simply Top Class.

Lets Go Global Reviews Response:
Thank you Robert. If you need any advice setting up bank accounts or on shipping etc. please do let us know.