Find a Sponsored Job in Australia


How to find a sponsored job in Australia

This blog post is designed to give an honest and straightforward account of the 457 employer sponsored visa from both an applicants and an employers point of view.

It’s a balanced post and is far from bullish on the reasons people look for sponsorship and the results. That’s not to say it’s not possible to find a sponsor for Australia, far from it and the 457 visa class is still one of the most popular visa classes available.

We simply want readers to be realistic in their expectations and their approach. In short, finding a sponsored job is tough and requires diligence and hard work. That said, the rewards are there for the taking.
Getting sponsorship from an Australian Company when you are outside of Australia is much more difficult that actually being ‘in’ Australia. Every year Australia produces some of the best Graduates in the World in the fields of Engineering, the Arts, Medicine and Science.

Theirs is one of the very best education systems in the World and even Skilled Tradespeople are classed as amongst the best Globally. Unless your skills are highly specialized then finding an Australian employer willing to offer sponsorship directly from an application an interviews are slim… Especially as the Government increased the criteria for Companies sponsoring a few years ago.

That is not to say it’s impossible, it is just going to take a bit longer with much more resolve and determination. If you have that determination and the right skills then you should be able to find Australian employers willing to sponsor.

Why do so many potential skilled migrants seek out sponsored job opportunities in Australia?
For some it comes down to funds, they think a sponsor will pay for the visa, flights, accommodation and that they will be on an ‘expat package’. There is nothing wrong with this approach, although after a while potential migrants realise that this is unlikely to happen.

Some believe that the 457 is an ‘easier’ option for migration and to some extent this is true. There is no Experession of Interest stage so providing all the key criteria has been met and the application made in the right way there then the visas should be granted.

What so many potential skilled migrants don’t realize about sponsored job opportunities in Australia?
The 457 is a temporary visa type and yes, whilst there is always the opportunity to convert this visa type to Permanenet Residency it is still a temporary visa class.
This means that you will have limited access to medicare
Will likely have to contribute financially to your Childrens education
Should the role not work out with the sponsoring company you only have 60 days to find a new sponsor or risk becoming classed as an ‘overstayer’.

Finding a Sponsor when you’re actually ‘in’ Australia
Much easier. Those still young enough to be in Australia on the Working Holiday Visa program are able to work with an employuer for up top six months. Within this time the employee needs to do all they can to impresss their company, to make themselves indespensible even. Going above and beyond what is required could lead to the right result.

Sonsoring an employee on a 457 visa requires effort from the employer and the employer needs to know what there is going to be some kind of payback from the employee in terms of productivity and commitment. Its one of the underlying rules of business and sponsorships are no different.

So, you’re in Australia on a Working Holiday Visa and you have an interview. The jury is still out on whether or not you should mention the possibility of Sponsorship. Lots of Australian companies hear this question day in day out during interviews and many will give you a negative answer immediately in answer to the question. However, it’s something to play by ear depending on how the interview is progressing.

Please do bear in mind though that the strict criteria still applies regardless of whether you find an employer willing to offer sponsorship.

Its best to summarise the key points of finding an Australian job sponsor here:

• Get your foot in the door (on any type of contract, including unpaid). This gives you the opportunity to show them what you’re made of.
• Be good at what you do. If you’re already working for a company on a Working Holiday Visa or Post Graduate Work Visa and you are good at what you do you are more likely to be offered a 457 sponsor visa.
• Ensure that the company has sponsored staff before. If not, make sure that the employer understands the obligations of being a sponsor.
• Don’t ask about sponsorship opportunities druing the interview. It will change the dynamics of the interview and the interviewer will most likely answer with a flat ‘no’. Its far better to prove yourself first before asking the question.
• Maybe consider taking a lower salary as a way to negotiate the sponsorship.
• Offer to pay the fees associated with the 457 Visa application yourself.
• Be patient! These things take time.

457 Sponsorship Criteria
Your Job must be on Shecule One of the SOL
Or schedule Two, the CSOL
The employer must meet the 457 Visa System criteria
Not relevant to those on Working Holiday Visas is that you should be under 50.

The other ways to secure an employer sponsored visa

Enter Australia on a student visa and complete your degree course.

Not only will you be receiving one of the best educations in the World you may well be eligible for the Post Graduate Study Visa 485.

This visa then allows you to work in Australia for up to 18 months! That’s 18 juicy months in which to find an Australian employer to sponsor you.

If the student has skills and experience gained in their home country before studying in Australia they may be able to apply for the 186 Direct Entry Sponsored Visa.

*Important note: entering Australia on a tourist visa with the intention of securing work is illegal.

George McDonald @ Let’s Go! Global