How Hard Is It To Move To Australia in 2019


How hard is it to move to Australia
Difficulty is estimated at 8/10 for most visa applicants

First Published in 2016 this article has been updated for 2019 / 2020 Australia Immigration Season

A frequently asked question online is ‘how hard is it to move to Australia’. We figure it’s more a general question asked by people seriously considering immigrating to Australia in the near future.

At Let’s Go! Global we pride ourselves in our straight talking yet friendly approach to client communication so we’re going to give it to you straight up.

If you’re an American looking to emigrate to Australia check our Australian Immigration Guide For United States Citizens

Is it hard to move to Australia?

Yes, it can be hard, it can be complex, it can be frustrating and it can be emotional. Over 70% of people attempting the Australian Immigration process themselves either give up, or fail.

Unfortunately failure often results in a time delay penalty meaning you are prevented from lodging a further Australian Immigration application for a period of time. Within this imposed penalty timeframe your occupation could drop off the Occupation Lists rendering you unsuitable for migration. If you are approaching a critical age you may well lose crucial Australian migration points while you wait out your penalty.

When is the best time to emigrate to Australia

We must also consider timing. Moving to Australia is by no means guaranteed. It is not about you choosing to immigrate to Australia, it’s about Australia choosing you! There is no free for all, no open door policy and the ultimate decision to grant your Visa rests with the Australian Department of Immigration. You have no sway or control over your allocated caseworker.

Our recommendation is to start the visa application process as soon as you have confirmed your eligibility to emigrate. We cannot emphasize this enough; if you are lucky enough to be eligible to emigrate to Australia you must start the application process now.

How hard is it to move to Australia with no qualifications
Straight talking answer? Unless you have significant experience in your occupation, profession or Skilled Trade it is virtually impossible to move to Australia with no qualifications unless you happen to be the partner of an Australian Citizen or Permanent Resident and emigrate on an Australian Partner Visa.

Alternatively you could be a former resident looking to return again to live in Australia Permanently although if this is the case you need to act fast in lodging your Resident Return Visa.

How hard is it to move to Australia over 50?
Most Australia Visa subclasses close when you reach your 45th Birthday. You will have to look at other routes such as studying in Australia. There are no exceptions to this rule when looking at Skilled Migration and there is no Australia Retirement Visa. There is however the Australia Investor Visa to consider.

What’s the hardest part about moving to Australia
Making the decision to emigrate to Australia is the easy part and who wouldn’t want to emigrate to one of the most liveable and desirable places on the planet! The hard part starts with your Skills Assessment.

Skills Assessment is the first stage in your Australian Immigration application and the first roadblock ahead of your ultimate successful application. You cannot move onto the next stage of your visa application without first having your skills assessed by a third-party Australian entity specialised in your occupation code. For many it is not a test, rather a technical and complex bundle of paperwork designed to substantiate every single aspect of your career and occupation to date.

To the uninitiated a ‘skills assessment’ sounds straightforward, after all, you’ve been in your occupation for years right?

Wrong. Skills Assessment is one of the most technically baffling process you will undertake. It is achievable with the right patience and tenacity although the frustrating thing is that Australian Skills Assessment authorities give very little bespoke advice and guideline over and above their published instructions.

Remember, in Australia Skills Assessment authorities are profit making entities, when you fail a Skills Assessment they make even more money by your reassessment.

Is it hard to do an Expression of Interest for Australia
We rank the expression of interest difficulty at 7/10

Once you’ve received your successful Skills Assessment it’s time to complete your Expression of Interest (“EOI”). Your EOI is designed to present you and your skills to the Australian Government. Both the Government and individual States and Territories will then assess the standard of your EOI against all the other candidates in the pool.

If your application is completed correctly and in the best way you could be selected to make a formal application for a Permanent Visa or your application may languish in the EOI pool for anything up to 2 years.

Don’t be tempted to artificially increase your Australian Immigration points here. You will be uncovered at the next stage and your application will be disqualified.

How hard is an Australian Visa application
By the final stage of your application you will be an ‘old hand’ at the complexities of Australian Migration! The next stage including Police Checks, Medicals and yet more documentation should be relatively straightforward. This is actually the easiest part of the moving to Australia process!

Let’s Go Global Have a 100% Success Rate and amazing Reviews with Most Occupation Codes Classes and retain regulated MARA agents for your peace of mind and protection.

How Hard Is It To Move To Australia?
With Lets Go Global we assume responsibility for the entire visa process for your peace of mind and security.

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Great Information

Lets Go Global

Lets Go Global made a hard process easy. I can say that from experience as I've worked with Lets Go Global for the past year on my Skilled Migration application to Australia. It was tough going, even for me as a Nurse being in demand. I was pleased to have Lets Go Global on my side when it came down to the crunch. Thank you for everything.

Lets Go Global

Lets Go Global you made the process easy for me and I will always thank you for such a smooth and professional process. Spot on and well worth every penny. Definite high recommendation from me.

Very Good

very good very helpful

Harder than you think

Definitely harder than you think to move to Australia there is no way I would attempt the move on my own given what I know now compared to what I thought I knew at the start of every thin. I really though I was an expert and I was really very wrong with my assumption.

Great Information

Thank you so much for the great and useful article

Glad I Had Lets Go Global

Our 189 visas for Australia just came through after a year of hard work and I just need to say a big thank you to the whole team at Lets Go Global for assisting my family make the move to Australia.

Yes its hard and I agree with the article 100%. In fact, I'm so very sure that I could never have managed to successfully navigate the process myself.

Thank you again, we are all very grateful

Thank you Ayesha for your very kind words. We are all delighted with the positive result and wish you every success in your new life in Australia

by Matt F, Scunthorpe on How Hard Is It To Move To Australia
Lets Go Global Made It So Much Easier To Move To Australia

The one thing I can say most of all about Lets Go Global is that they made it so much easier to move to Australia. They are some of the most professional and friendly people I have every spoken to or hard the pleasure of working with and I'm so pleased I had them on my case. George and Alex left no stone unturned in order to get the right result for us. I got a negative result from Skills Assessment but Lets Go Global successfully appealed this and got the negative result overturned into a positive one. From this point forward things moved pretty fast really and our visas were granted in December 2017. We finally moved over to Melbourne in February 2017 and are writing this from our new home still waiting for our boxes to arrive from the shipping we're sat on deckchairs in the sitting room and I couldn't be happier. The kids have made friends already with some of the neighbours children and we've found the neighbourhood is a good mixture between Australian, Japanese and UK people all living the Down Under Dream. Thank you Lets Go Global for giving my family a fresh start in life.

Matthew we're delighted Australia is everything you ever imagined it would be. Send us some photos soon!

by Stuart J, New Jersey on How Hard Is It To Move To Australia
Not Hard To Move To Australia With Lets Go Global

I thought it was going to be hard to move to Australia and certainly everything I read and researched was leading me to this realization. I had almost given up all hope of being able to achieve my lifetime dream till I spoke with Alex from Lets Go Global Australian Migration. He explained everything so clearly I felt well looked after and reassured right from the very start. If I can give him more marks for his service then I would. I was totally impressed by his response, his communication and his overall professionalism. Lets Go Global took care of everything from start to finish all I had to do was give them the right information when they requested it and even the times I couldn't provide it they stepped in to assist. Perfect service. faultless and meant that it wasn't as hard as I first thought to move to Australia. I'm pleased to report our Permanent Residency Visas were granted a few weeks ago and we're heading down to Australia soon.

Lets Go Global Response:

Stuart, we are so delighted with your positive praise. It was a real pleasure to represent you during this process and we look forward to hearing from you once you and Jackie are settled in Perth.

Much Easier To Move To Australia With Lets Go Global

All I can say is that it was much easier to move to Australia with the expert and professional services of Lets Go Global. And that we were so worried about using a migration agent in the first place sends shudders down my spine. It was without doubt the scariest time of our lives. Sometimes we just had to surrender and place ourselves in the capable hands of Alexander. He was to us part Migration Expert and part therapist because he always managed to reassure me sometimes at crazy times of the day and once at 3am in the morning when I woke in an uncontrollable panic he was there for me on Skype although I did go to huge lengths to apologies to him the next day.

Lets Go Global Response:
Alex was delighted with your very kind words Amanda and he's thrilled you're Australia Visas were granted (as were we all here at Lets Go Global).

by Richard Jones, Cape Town on How Hard Is It To Move To Australia
Not Hard With Lets Go Global

I thought it was going to be so hard to move to Australia although I found that by using Lets Go Global it actually wasn't hard at all. I know that sounds a bit like a obvious comment but its true. The whole team really did help us all the way and we are so grateful for having the support.

Richard we are delighted with your comments and to have worked with you at this exciting time in your lives. Its been an absolute pleasure.

by Doug G, Texas, USA on How Hard Is It To Move To Australia
Lets Go Global Delivered My Company Relocation

Lets Go Global Delivered My Company Relocation on time, on budget and with the minimum of fuss. 94 working visas for members of staff that were based in the UK, USA, France and Mexico. All done. Dusted and completed with four months to spare to the new office opening. Giving enough time to arrange relocation and removals. Our HR is good but would have been totally swamped by this task. Lets Go Global managed it with ease. Would definitely recommend whether its for one person or 100.

It was a fantastic project Douglas, thank you for the trust you placed in us. We're here for whenever you may need us in the future.