Move to Australia as a Secondary School Teacher


Move to Australia as a Secondary School Teacher

If you’re serious about moving to Australia and are a qualified Secondary School Teacher then you’re in the right place. Let’s Go! Global has a dedicated Teaching Australia team ideally placed to assist you with visas, registration, recruitment and all the little extras that make this big, bold and sometimes frightening move flow with ease.

Making the move to Australia as a Secondary School Teacher may seem daunting, and given the complexities of Australian Immigration this is certainly the case. It is a complicated process but a well-trodden path of thousands before you. We’ve now assisted over 1,000 Secondary School Teachers with their Immigration plans and we look forward to being of assistance to you wherever possible.

Why not take our free visa assessment for an honest and concise review of your Australian Immigration chances and a full breakdown of your unique Australian Migration Pathway.

If you’re a Primary School Teacher Immigrating to Australia check out our guide to moving to Australia as a Primary Teacher.

The first thing when looking at how to Move to Australia as a Secondary School Teacher is to consider just how highly sought after teachers are ‘Down Under’. Your skills are very much wanted in Australia right across the Country and this is represented by the inclusion of the Occupation code on both Schedule One and Schedule Two of the Skilled Occupations List.

241411: Secondary School Teacher
Being on Schedule One means that provided you can gain the required 60 Australian Immigration Points then you have prime facie eligibility to emigrate to Australia with Permanent Residency on a 189 Visa.

Our expert Teaching Australia team will do everything possible to secure maximum immigration points because whilst Secondary Teacher is a ‘hot’ occupation for immigration we still want to stand head and shoulders above other applicants and recommend clients sit their advanced IELTS test for the chance to gain up to twenty extra points.

If you have four years or more of tertiary study they your IELTS English test won’t be mandatory for your Skills Assessment, so you’ll simply be taking it from a pure points perspective.

If you’re still coming up short on the all-important points by 5 or 10 then other options still present themselves. If you’re score is 55 then we’ll be looking at a 190 Permanent residency Visa class. This visa still leads to full Citizenship and simply requires that you are ‘morally’ required to live and work in a particular State for the first two years of your time in Australia.

The following States are currently gifting their 5 extra 190 Visa points to applicants who only score 55 in the points test.

New South Wales
Northern Territory
South Australia
Western Australia

If you’re only scoring 50 points for the 189 visa then we need to examine whether a 489 Visa will be more appropriate. The 489 Visa doesn’t carry Permanent residency Status in the first instance but can certainly lead to it and lasts for an initial four year period. The same states above also gift 10 points for those Secondary School Teachers moving to Australia that only score 50 points instead of the 60 required for a 189 or the 55 required for a 190 Visa.

Move to Australia as a Secondary School Teacher Stage One:
The Teaching Australia team at Let’s Go! Global have a 100% success rate migrating Secondary Teachers to Australia and work to tight operational deadlines. They view each unique case as an individual project and as with all projects, it’s made up of lots of mini milestones, all interdependent on each other.

The first milestone is Skills Assessment. Every Professeion, Trade and General Occupation in demand in Australia have their own Skills Assessment Authority licensed by the Australian Department of Immigration. In the case of Secondary School Teachers emigrating to Australia the assessment body is the Australian Institute of Teaching and School Leadership, or simply AITSL for short.

The Secondary School Teacher Assessment with the AITSL isn’t a physical or practical assessment or test as your pupils will be used to! It’s best to think of this as a paper based exercise where we need to gather together an extensive bundle of paperwork to satify a legal framework.

Do not underestimate the detail and level of documentation required for a Secondary Teacher Skills Assessment for Australia, it’s a legal process and must be completed with a 100% compliant approach before submission.

Upon case activation your Teaching Australia Account Manager or appointed MARA agent will draft and send you an individually tailored document request list unique to your individual qualification route, main subject and secondary teaching experience.

The AITSL will be looking for evidence you’ve completed the requisite study which unfortunately does not include anything other than the routes below

Bachelor of Education (Secondary) and over four years + a minimum of 45 days supervised teacher training in a Secondary School environment.

Undergraduate degree + PGCE + a minimum of 45 days supervised teacher training in a Secondary School environment

Degree + Secondary School Centred Initial Teacher Training which leads to the award of a formal PGCE

The following routes into Secondary School Teaching are currently not recognized by the AITSL or Dept. of Immigration:

Graduate Teacher Programme
School Direct Training Programme
Teach First Leadership Development Programme

I qualified as a Primary Teacher but teach Secondary, can I immigrate to Australia?
Regardless of whether you have taught at Secondary level you are still a Primary Teacher in the eyes of the AITSL (because this is age you would have taught during your supervised teaching practice leading to your teaching award).

This means any experience teaching Secondary may not qualify as experience for immigration purposes as it could be ‘out of scope’ of the Primary School Teacher Code. In this circumstance we recommend you speak with one of our Teaching Australia specialists.

I qualified as a Secondary School Teacher but have taught Primary, can I emigrate to Australia?
The answer is similar to the above as whilst there’s nothing technically stopping you from emigrating to Australia your teaching experience may not be classed as ‘relevant’ when calculating your immigration points. Again, in this instance we would be delighted to assist.

Move to Australia as a Secondary School Teacher: Stage Two
After we’re 100% certain we have the right documentation we’ll move onto document certification.

Certified copies of all original documents are required for the assessment process and only documents certified by one of the following authorized persons will be accepted for this assessment.

Medical Doctor

The person certifying the documents must clearly indicate on each page of each document that it’s a certified true copy of the original document, sign and date each page of each document and ensure the full name, occupation, address and phone number of the certifier is included.

AITSL will not accept certified electronic, a certified copy of a copy or a copy with previous certification stamps. Do bear in mind also that documentation submitted as part of an application will not be returned so please never send originals.

Move to Australia as a Secondary School Teacher: Stage Three
The Skills Assessment fee levied by the AITSL is currently $635AUD and it can take up to twelve weeks to receive an outcome. During this time if they request further information due to an incomplete bundle or any further clarification the AITSL are allowed to ‘reset the clock’ on the twelve weeks. Obviously this can lead to frustrating and unnecessary time delays which is why our Teaching Australia team will check the application between at least two senior colleagues prior to submission.

Once you’ve received a ‘Positive Assessment for Migration’ from the AITSL we’ll have your formal Expression of Interest (“EOI”) submitted within 72hrs.

From submitting your EOI the process can take anything up to two years although in reality Secondary School Teachers emigrating to Australia should expect to receive a fairly speedy invitation to apply for either a 189 or 190 Permanent Residency Visa.

At this stage your Australian Government Fees fall due and these are:
Primary Applicant: $3600 AUD
Secondary Applicant: $1800 AUD
Children: $900 AUD

Move to Australia as a Secondary School Teacher: Stage Four
After Australian Visa Government Fees have been settled it’s onto Immigration Medicals and Police checks. Unfortunately these can’t be done prior to reaching this immigration milestone.

Pay scale for Secondary School Teachers in Australia
The average yearly salary for a Secondary School Teacher in Australia is $63,887 AUD, with the lower ranges coming in at around $44,500 and the higher levels reaching $99,500.

What about 457 employer sponsored visas
Whilst we will never discourage applicants from attempting the 457 employer sponsored visa route in our experience due the nature and extent of the 457 visa process from an employers perspective it is unlikely that you will experience much traction in your job search if you are relying on this as a way into Australia. Please also remember that Australia has one of the very best education systems in the World with many local and highly trained citizens.

Getting Started
Hopefully we’ve been able to bring some more clarity to what can be a challenging and stressful process. As a word of caution the above is still a high level overview and for a free consultation with no obligation simply take our online visa assessment and try to be as full as possible to get the most out of your consultation.

Online Visa Assessment For Secondary School Teaching Australia

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