Move to Australia from the United States in 2020


How to Move to Australia from the United States

Originally published in 2016 & updated for the 2019 and 2020 season.

Here at Let’s Go! Global we have successfully assisted many thousands of enquirers move to Australia from the United States and have seen a huge spike in Internet traffic relating to ‘How to move to Australia from the United States’ over the past few years with steady month on month growth, showing that, more than ever, American Citizens are researching how to move to Australia from the United States.

Whilst Canada used to be the goto destination for many United States Citizens looking to emigrate we’ve found that over the past 18 months many Americans are looking to Australia as their preferred lifestyle migration destination.

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It’s not just the lifestyle though, many United States Citizens are keen to explore the dynamic business opportunities in the Asian markets from a place of peace, calm and tranquility where they can raise their families in a loving, friendly and outdoor oriented environment.

How to move to Australia from the United States 2020

Moving to Australia from the United States is a serious business. It’s a long, complicated legal process although admittedly not as long, complicated or arduous as immigrating into the United States in 2019!

The rules regarding Emigrating to Australia from the United States are the same for Americans as they are for almost all Citizens of all nationalities on the planet.

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How easy is it to move to Australia from the United States?

First the bad news. It’s not that easy at all, although this is where we come in. We’ve been successfully navigating the Australian Immigration process for many years and have developed our service levels in line with many major United States Law firms. Australian Immigration services account for over 98% of our overall business and for many occupation codes we have a 100% success rate.

How to Move to Australia from the United States depends on your Occupation

The easiest way to move to Australia from the United States is by having a ‘desirable occupation’ and by desirable we’re not talking about auto accident attorneys, rocket scientists or those in the very upper echelons of academia.

Australian Immigration is all about importing the right skills that benefit the Country and continue the significant economic growth rates experienced over the past decade.

Indeed, many Australian cities feature prominently on a list of the World’s most ‘liveable and desirable

Moving to Australia with Permanent Residency has little to do with overall finances, your family structure or setup and everything to do with having the right (and provable) skills set. We only need to make one application and the PR visa extends to your partner / spouse and all eligible children.

Australian Immigration publish a list of over 300 hot occupations in line with Government objectives and critical key shortages.

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The list of hot occupations when looking at how to move to Australia from the United States includes:

IT Specialists

Telecoms Engineers


Nurses and those in the Medical Profession


Skilled tradespeople including:







Sheet Metal Worker

Cable Jointer

Wall & Floor Tiler

Metal Fabricator

Lift Mechanic


And many, many more!

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Once we’ve identified that you have the right skills and qualifications to Immigrate to Australia from the United States using your occupation code we then need to make sure we hit the minimum points based criteria for making the move.

How Many Points Do I Need to Move to Australia from the United States

The Australian Immigration points system is made up of a number of factors, and you’ll need to identify a minimum of 65 points to make a successful permanent residency application.

In order to accurately confirm your eligibility to move to Australia from the United States we invite you to speak directly with one of our experts in your occupation code.

Take our free visa assessment and one of our consultants will be in touch within 24 hrs to schedule your initial free consultation.

How to move to Australia from the United States: Stage Two

Now that you’ve identified a desirable occupation along with 65 Australian Immigration points the fun really begins (!).

At this stage we need to secure what is known as a positive Skills Assessment.

A skills assessment is not a test per se (although it is for Electricians and some skilled trades), it refers to a third party body, tied to the Australian Department of Home Affairs whose role is to say that you are who you say you are, that you have the right skills, experience and qualifications to move under your occupation code.

Every skills assessment body is different with their own set of criteria and this is often the most challenging aspect of making a successful Permanent residency application.

Let’s Go! Global have a number of occupation specialists in place who really understand the nuances of each and every occupation on the list.

Rest assured, they can talk your professional language and interpret the rules and guidelines in order to match your skills and experience to the required standards.

Expression of Interest to Move to Australia from the United States: Stage Three

After (and only after) securing a positive skills assessment can we move forward and make what is known as an ‘expression of interest’ or ‘EOI’.

At this stage we are indicating to the Australian Government your intention to move to Australia from the United States.

Move to Australia from the United States: Stage Four

From this EOI your application is then selected to formally apply for your Australian Permanent Residency Visa, at which point we must liaise extensively with the Department of Immigration.

Once your Australian PR Visa has been granted you’ll usually have up to 12 months to activate your visa, which is done by simply passing through Australia’s borders, be it for a holiday, interviews or your emigration.

How long does it take to move to Australia from the United States?

When you move to Australia from the United States the first visa on a skilled migration stream will usually be classed as Permanent Residency, affording you many of the same rights and privileges as an Australian Citizen. After four years living in country we can then convert your PR status to full Australian Citizenship and Dual Nationality.

Because your PR status can ultimately lead to full Citizenship the whole process can take a while from start to finish and whilst we must say officially that it can take up to two years, we find that having a one year timeframe is usually sufficient planning.

If I Move to Australia from the United States can I keep my Citizenship?

Generally speaking yes, Australia places no restrictions on dual nationality. Some US Citizens renounce their American Citizenship when they receive Australian Passports, leading to greater financial freedom away from the increasingly global reach of the IRS.

If you are seriously considering a move to Australia simply take our online visa assessment for a free in depth consultation with one of our experts.

Move to Australia from the United States with Lets Go Global

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