Move to Perth


Move to Perth

In this article we’re going to focus on the technical aspects of making a move to Perth with Western Australia nomination.

Move to Perth Requirements
Lodge and expression of interest application via the SkillSelect Online Migration Portal and be sure to select Western Australia as a desired location. In order to make an Expression of Interest you must first ensure that you have the requisite 60 migration points and that you have a positive Skills Assessment in your Nominated occupation.

When your EOI shows the minimum requirements for immigrating to Australia first and secondly immigrating to Perth, Western Australia you may be called forward to formally apply for a West Australia 190 or 489 Visa.

There is no guarantee that you will be called forward to apply and it depends on a number of factors such as Occupation Ceilings in a particular period and the amount of competition currently in the SkillSelect pool of applicants.

There is no obligation on the State of Western Australia to offer you a Visa and your Expression of Interest is valid for two years from date of submission. After these two years it will automatically expire.

How are Western Australia Visa Invitations Issued?
Invitations to apply for the 190 or 489 WA subclasses are awarded according to current occupation ceilings, meeting the Western Australia State nomination requirements and satisfying the Department of Immigration and Border Protection 60 point migration points test.

Once an invitation has been received a client has 28 days to make their formal application. The team at Let’s Go! Global will of course take care of this for you but without Professional MARA representation now is the time to revisit your Expression of Interest and make sure it’s 100% accurate.

The information provided in the Expression of Interest will be examined and the State nomination
application will be assessed against the Perth nomination requirements. An invitation to apply
for State nomination does not guarantee nomination.

If State nomination is approved, Skilled Migration Western Australia will nominate the Expression of Interest in SkillSelect and the applicant will automatically receive an invitation from the Department of Immigration and Border Protection to lodge a visa application.

Move to Perth Requirements
As with all things ‘Australia Immigration’ there are individual ‘local’ requirements that must be satisfied before you can move to Perth on Western Australia State Sponsorship because a move to Perth is top of the list for many considering Australian Immigration from all over the World and normal supply and demand factors come into play.

Detailed Move to Perth Immigration Policy
For the 489 Western Australia Visa with a Schedule One Occupation as well as all of the usual Permanent Residency requirements you’ll also need to have a contract of employment for at least a year in your occupation or a closely related occupation.

If you don’t have this then you’ll need to show evidence of at least three jobs that are currently advertising for your skills. If you’re living outside of Western Australia. If you’re outside of Australia going for the 190 visa then you’ll need the above offer of employment.

If you have a Schedule Two occupation for moving to Perth then you’ll need a job offer for at least a year in your occupation, or a closely related one for the 190 Visa to be issued. If you’re going for the 489 in Western Australia you’ll need the offer of employment to come from an employer in a regional area.

Any formal offer of employment in Western Australia to facilitate your move to Perth needs to include the following:

The name and address of the potential employee and the employer
The exact timings of the start and end date of the contract unless it’s a permanent contract.
Full job description and rile requirements
Salary and benefits
Interestingly it is possible to combine two part time contracts that make up one full time contract although this usually only happens in very rare and exceptional circumstances.

Aside from these requirements to move to Perth there are a number of additional factors to take into consideration.

You’ll also need to provide a declaration that you have sufficient funds to cover your resettlement in Perth for at least three months.

Let’s Go! Global always recommends taking one of the English language tests for Australian Immigration either before or after your Expression of Interest has been lodged. Not only does this give you the opportunity to add either a further ten or twenty points to your overall move to Perth application it is, in some circumstances, yet a further requirement before your visa to move to Perth can be granted.

Whilst the move to Perth requirements can sound a little onerous and off putting they are, to a certain extent designed to be so. One of the most attractive things about immigration to Perth is the amount of hurdles one has to overcome before the visa is granted. There are many countries in the World that could well benefit from the level of checks we have to go through to get your Western Australia visa granted.

Let’s Go! Global are move to Perth experts and look forward to assisting making your and your family’s migration dreams come true. Our experts take care of all the legal immigration requirements leaving you free to focus on some of the more personal aspects on moving to Perth such as:

Schools in Perth
The year group system for schools in Perth are relatively straightforward, children begin at Year 1, equivalent to P1 in the UK and USA and stay until year 12.

Pre-School in Perth is often referred to as ‘Kindie’ which can be attended from four years of age. Every little person can claim up to four places each week from the Australian Government and children who turn five by the 30th June each year can attend pre-primary classes on a full time basis up to five days a week.

Medicare in Perth, Western Australia
All Permanent Residents are entitled to Medicare cover in Australia, without exception.

Where to live when you move to Perth
Whilst we have contacts with many letting and estate agents in Perth these days we recommend clients head over to Airbnb to find somewhere to live for the first three months. These three months can be used to give you a better understanding of the area and find a suitable permanent place to live for up to the first year.

As a Permanent Resident of Perth, Western Australia you’ll be entitled to financial services as if you were technically a citizen so many people work on getting a mortgage arranged during this first year of being in country.

Jobs in Perth
Because you’re moving to Perth you’re moving to one of the most commercial and industrious cities in the Southern Hemisphere. Our dedicated teams will work with you on both securing your visa and assisting with jobs in Australia.

Make no mistake, a move to Perth is one of the most challenging projects you’ll undertake yet with your dedicated team of immigration professionals at Let’s Go! Global Migration you’ll find the process much easier and stress free.

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