Offshore Electricians Australia Can Earn $300,000


Offshore electricians in Australia

Originally published in 2015 the Offshore Electricians industry in Australia as experiencing a resurgance with many industrial electrician roles now paying far in excess of the highs a few years ago.

We’ve updated this article (and the figures) for 2019.

How Much do Offshore electricians in Australia Earn

Back in 2015 we wrote that offshore electricians can earn over a quarter of a million dollars a year by working on oil and gas platforms easily marking them out as some of the highest paid specialists tradespeople Down Under.

In 2019 this figure is now $380,000 AUD

How Much do Onshore Industrial electricians in Australia Earn

Not far behind them are the skilled electricians employed in Australia’s general natural resource sector in the territory of Western Australia, although they are someway behind this elite band of skilled electricians.

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Skilled electricians working in an onshore environment can expect to earn in excess of $270,000 Australian Dollars.

Offshore Electrical Candidates in Australia

Electricians employed in the oil and gas sector come from all over the World, with many hailing from the USA, UK and Canada. These electricians have the right skills needed to perform the technical tasks required and most will have worked previously in an offshore electrician environment.

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Aside from the usual general requirements to Emigrate to Australia these electricians may also already hold additional requirements such as a Compex or Compex related qualifications.

Offshore Electrical Work in Australia is Tough

There’s no mistaking however that its tough work being part of Australia’s fly in fly out offshore electrician teams, working seven day weeks on 12 hour shifts.

The only difference being however that compared to many other offshore locations (like the North Sea for example) temperatures are far out at the other end of the spectrum. Rather than being -10 degrees these electricians are more likely to experience working in a 45 to 50 degree heat environment.

As well as holding all the relevant qualifications, or their foreign equivalents it will be beneficial if these skilled electricians hold some form of maintenance qualifications that will enable them to assist in any emergency repair work that may need to happen (which it frequently does).

Future earnings for Offshore Electricians in Australia

There is currently strong demand for highly skilled offshore electricians whose earning potential remains significant.

What we are probably more likely to see is increased competition in the market as more electricians look to emigrate to Australia from other parts of the World. That said however, offshore electricians who have English as a first language and previous experience are still in demand and still command salaries regularly in excess of a quarter million Australian Dollars.

Demand for Offshore Electricians in Australia

Demand for Offshore Electricians in Australia remains high, and so does their general Emigration chances. This select band of individuals holds a key place on the Medium Long Term Strategic Skills List which grants holders Permanent Residency in Australia.

The steps to Permanent Residency are complex and applicants are expected to hold an OTSR (Offshore Technical Skills Record) before lodging a formal application for Permanent Residency.

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