How Much Money Do Trades Make In Australia


Skilled tradespeople the World over are always curious to know what their earning potential will be in Australia, and then in more detail how this will be affected by their choice of State or Territory.

Given that most Skilled Trades are still on Schedule One of the Skilled Occupations list this means that, for many, they have the option of settling anywhere in Australia.

With that in mind, where do you drop your pin? the best place to start is by looking at How Much Do Skilled Trades Make In Australia.

The recently released ‘Tradespeople Rich List’ goes some way to answering these questions.

Western Australia still tops the list as the most lucrative State for skilled trades, with plumbers in the region making more money that any other trade in Country. They are closely followed, as ever, by electricians.

On average, plumbers in the region make a $88 AUD per hour, with electricians making $87.33 even despite the global slowdown in the mining sector. This being almost $10 an hour more than third placed building associates in the Sydney region who receive an average quoted $77.87 an hour.

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In general, the hourly rates for Skilled Tradespeople in Australia (known as ‘Tradies’) remained relatively steady in the first quarter of 2016 with earnings on average of $61 an hour.

1. WA Plumbers make an average of $88 an hour
2. WA Electricians earn an average of $87.33 an hour
3. NSW Builders average of $77.87 an hour
4. NSW Plumbers are on $77.03 per hour
5. VIC Plumbers are coining $77.03 an hour
6. QLD Electricians are earning $75.23 an hour
7. WA Builders are making $72 per hour
8. QLD Landscape Gardeners hedge an average $70 an hour
9. VIC Sparks are on $68.68 for an hours work
10.QLD Plumbers are pulling $68.58 per hour

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Check how these rates compare below:

Spoiler Alert! Australian Lawyers earn in comparison $35 an hour although, in their defence, they tend to work longer weeks!

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