Visa for Australia


Visa for Australia

As part of our free consultations offered to all prospective clients our biggest challenge is identifying the right visa for Australia that both suits your needs and for which you tick all the right eligibility criteria. We find it’s important to take our time during these consultations because identifying the right visa for Australia is often not as straightforward as one would expect.

If you’re reading this we can assume that you’ve been considering immigrating to Australia. It might be something you’ve just started to think about or (more often) it’s been a lifelong dream and ambition although with all the information online it’s difficult to know where to start let alone work out which is the right visa for Australia for you and your family.

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The most sought after visa for Australia is the 189 Skilled Independent Visa. This visa sits at the very top of the visa pyramid and allows its holder (and their immediate family) to:

1.Live and work in Australia anywhere they choose from day one
2.Come and go as they please without the need for another visa for Australia
3. Access Medicare
4. Access education
5. Access financial services
6. Eventually apply for Citizenship and Dual Nationality by converting their 189 visa for Australia into full Citizenship after four years

The 189 visa for Australia is only open to you if you can meet the following requirements.

1. Have an occupation on the Medium and Long Term Strategic Skills List. This list is compiled at National level and represents some of the most in demand occupations in Australia. The MLTSSL includes occupations such as electricians, secondary school teachers, plumbers, accountants, nurses and welders.

If you’re lucky enough to have an occupation on the MLTSSL then you should act swiftly in your visa for Australia application because the list changes regularly.

2. Score a minimum of 60 points on the visa for Australia immigration points matrix. Points are awarded for things such as age, educational qualifications, and length of work experience among others.

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3. Be aged under 45. The cut off age used to be 50 although it was drastically lowered in June 2017 to 45 which dashed the hopes of many people starting the visa for Australia process. There is no guarantee the age limit to immigrate to Australia won’t be reduced further so the advice above still stands. If you’re seriously considering immigrating to Australia then getting your visa for Australia in place is something that needs to be taken seriously, with a sense of urgency and expediency.

4. Have a positive Skills Assessment. The skills assessment is often the most overlooked part of the visa for Australia process, yet is one of the most important stages. Without a skills assessment you will be unable to even lodge and Expression of Interest for your Australian Visa. A skills assessment is undertaken with a third party body tied to the Department of Immigration and Border Protection whose job it is to confirm that a) you are who you say you are b) have the right skills c) the right qualifications and d) the correct level of experience in your occupation. It’s usually a paper based process although the scope and depth of paperwork required often takes many applicants by surprise.

Let’s Go Global have an enviable 100% success rate with many skills assessment classes and include this skills assessments service as part of any visa for Australia package.

190 Visa for Australia

The 190 visa for Australia is very similar to the 189 visa described above but with one big difference. The 190 visa is processed on a State by State basis as opposed to at the National level. To be eligible for the 190 Permanent residency Visa for Australia you’ll need an occupation that’s either on the MLTSSL or the Short Term Skilled Occupation List.

This visa subclass is not always as straightforward as it sounds. Many individual States and areas apply some extra criteria to applicants such as Western Australia need to have an offer of employment in place, or exceptionally high visa points score.

Employer sponsored visa for Australia

The old 457 employer sponsored visa for Australia is soon to be replaced and we expect those hoping for a visa for Australia on this sub class to have to satisfy an increasing amount of requirements going forward. Also, and perhaps crucially going forward, the new employer sponsored visas for Australia will no longer have any option to lead to Permanent residency or Citizenship status. What looks set to remain however is the need to find a job in Australia, have competent English language skills and a positive Skills Assessment in your chosen nominated occupation.

Visa for Australia timeframe

Most permanent visa to Australia applications will take just a little over a year from start to finish. Officially an application can remain in the Expression of Interest database for up to two years although this has historically been unlikely. The Lets Go Global record for an applicant being called forward to apply for their permanent visa for Australia after submission of Expression of Interest is 72 hours although this is the exception and not the norm.

After your visa for Australia has been granted you’ll usually have up to one year in which to activate it. This activation doesn’t necessarily mean your immigration and your trip can be for any reason such as holiday, job interviews, property or location familiarization. Once you and your family pass through Australia’s borders during this period your visa will be activated.

Visa for Australia with a Criminal Record

Many people the World over have episodes from their lives they wish had never happened and in terms of Immigrating to Australia it’s surprisingly common. Obviously Australia has strict medical and character tests but for a one off offence occurring a while ago not resulting in a prison sentence of more than 12 months we usually find this won’t stop you receiving your visa for Australia. We do however need to be 100% upfront with all declarations and invite you to go through a free consultation with one of our experts by taking the online assessment below.

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