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Wanted Down Under – real life wanted down under

The popular BBC TV series Wanted Down Under has amassed a huge and loyal following. It’s still the dream of many tens of thousands of people to pursue emigration to Australia each and every year. This real life show focuses on ordinary people from all different walks of life follow their dream.

If you’re one of them, and are seriously considering emigrating to Australia you’ll no doubt be wondering, am I wanted down under? This article by the Australian Immigration experts at Lets Go Global is here to help.

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What does it mean to be wanted down under?
The UK has a natural affinity with Australia. Many of us grew up on a diet of Neighbours and Home & Away, we went on holidays, listened to people talk endlessly about how great it is to live in Australia nd lets not forget the weather aspect! Brits share the same language, the same Royalty and some of the same customs that have evolved over time since the first ships landed down under after setting sail from the Thames.

However, the UK and Australia don’t share the same immigration system. It’s not easy to make the move down under and whilst they’re very much open to immigration it’s really not an open door policy which comes as a bit of a shock to some. It’s safe to say if it was that simple, everyone would do it and in April 2017 the Australian Government announced further sweeping changes to the immigration system. These changes brought a swift end to the dreams of many thousands of people the World over and are indicative we believe of further changes to come.

If you’ve been considering emigrating to Australia for some time then now really is time to get the ball rolling!

These days its about what you can bring to Australia and not the other way around. Australia must want you regardless of how much you want Australia.

If you tick the right boxes and fit the correct immigration profile then there’s no reason you cant be one of the lucky families or individuals to start a new life in Australia.

Am I wanted down under?
There’s a good chance you might be! If you’re aged under 50, have an occupation on one of the ‘in demand’ lists and can score a total of 60 points on the Australian Immigration points matrix then there’s a good chance you’ll be eligible and wanted in Australia.

Similarly, if you’re an investor (a real investor that is), or you’re lucky enough to have found love with an Australian partner then there’s a very good chance that the doors to Australia will open for you very soon.

Am I too old to be wanted in Australia?
You must be under 50 to apply for any form of Skilled Migration. As a partner of an Australian Citizen there’s no age limit. However, for Skilled Migration applicants it does get a lot more tricky after the age of 45 because at this point you score zero points for age.

Please also remember that your age is taken at the date you are finally called forward for you visa… officially this could be anything up to two whole years from the point you submit your expression of interest which is in turn around three to six months (realistically) after you’ve started your Australian immigration project.

There are other ways to make up these points in certain circumstances, such as doing an English test (yes, you read that correctly). A multiple choice English test with either Cambridge or IELTS can add a whopping 20 extra points onto your application and is something we recommend for all clients, regardless of background or occupation. After all, if English is your first language dosent this place you at a greater advantage?

How do I know if I’m wanted down under?
First up, you’ll want to check the in demand occupation list.
It’s a regularly updated list of a few hundred occupations that are currently in critical demand down under. Feel free to search the most up to date list below. If you cant find your occupation please don’t give up and take our free online visa assessment. More often than not your occupation may be classed differently in Australia.

Once you’ve found your occupation or one that looks as though it’s the best fit for you then you’ll need to calculate your Australian Immigration Points score. As a guideline you’ll need a minimum of 60 points to be wanted down under although very occasionally you’ll need more.

Accountants for example will need to have a minimum of 65 or possibly even 70 points. Those with occupations on the South Australia Supplementary Skills List will need a huge 85 points which puts it far beyond the reach of most applicants.

The Australian Points score is derived by the following immigration criteria:

Age 18 – 24 = 25 points
Age 25 – 32 = 30 points
Age 33 – 39 = 25 points
Age 40 – 44 = 15 points
Age 45 – 50 = 0 points

Highest Qualification
PHD = 20 points
Degree = 15 points
Trade Qualification = 10 points

Number of years work experience
3 to 5 years = 5 points
5 to 8 years = 10 points
8 years + = 15 points

English language ability (the English test we mentioned earlier)
Good = 20 points
Medium = 10 points
Basic = 0 points

Whether you want to go for the 189, 190 or 489 visa type (more on the differences below)
*If youre on the 189 visa pathway: 0 Extra Points
*If youre eligible for the 189 but open to the 190: add on 5 extra points
*If you’ve a close family member in Australia who can sponsoir you add on 5 points
*The 489 route requires you to live and work in regional Australia for a period of two years and if youre happy with this (or you simply need the points) add on an extra 10 to your total.

We’ve places an * next to the above because you can only claim for one of these, not all.

Wanted Down Under on Australian Permanent Residency means that you and your family are free to live and work in Australia, come and go as you please without the need for any additional visas, access medicare and education.
After four years of living in Australia your Permanent Residency status can convert to full Citizenship and Dual Nationality.

Wanted Down Under on a 189 Visa
The 189 Visa is the very top tier permanent residency visa and allows you to live and work anywhere in Australia from day one. To qualify for a 189 visa your occupation above has to be on the main Skilled Occupations List called the Medium and Long Term Strategic Skills List (MLTSSL).

If you can place yourself on the MLTSSL and score a minimum of 60 points on the Australian Immigration Points Matrix they you may have Prime Facie eligibility for the 189 Permanent residency Visa.

Wanted Down Under on a 190 Visa
The 190 visa is ony one step down from the 190 visa and carries the same rights and privilligies for you and your family. The only differentiating aspect is that ypou’ll need to live and work in a particular State or Territory for two years.

After the two year period had expired you’re then free to live and work anywhere in Australia like the 189 visa.
To be wanted in Australia on a 190 visa you will need an occupation on the Medium and Long term Strategic Skills List.

You can check the MLTSSL occupations list here

For some further information on the different states and territories indidvdual requireements we have the following resources:
Move to Western Australia
Move to New South Wales
Move to Perth

Wanted Down Under on a 489 Visa
This is initially a temporary four year visa allowing the holders the right to live and work in Australia. After being down under for two years you’re then eligible to convert this into a full permanent residency visa via the 887 pathway.

Confused? Don’t be, take our free online visa assessment now for all the facts

Ok, I’m happy that I’m wanted down under! How do I get the ball rolling?

First and before you do anything else you’ll need to secure a positive skills assessment
Your skills assessment is a mandatory part of the Australian Immigration process which you may or may not have heard of… we don’t hear many people on TV talking about this because these are the gatekeepers of skilled migration! Without a positive skills assessment you cannot pass through onto any other stage.

Every occupation has their own dedicated skills assessment authority and its their job to say that:
You are who you say you are
You have the right qiualifications
You have the right experience

The skills assessment stage is so critical that its important to receive the right result first time (it also costs money… some occupations are around $600 AUD whilst some now range up to $2000 for more advanced technical skilled trades that require either a technical interview or some form of practical assessment.

We find the TV series fascinating but a little bit lacking in detail. We see families heading to Australia to check out jobs, houses, lifestyle and opportunities but that’s where the programme leaves it. In reality, once an individual or family has made the decision to make the move down under its only the start of a very emotional, complicated and tense legal process.

Lets Go Global real Life wanted down under experiences
We decided to go one step further and ask some our clients to document their thoughts, feelings, pressures, stresses and strains of the immigration journey down under, once they knew they were wanted and we’re plese to showcase the first one here. Read all about our lovely couple Becky and Zac on their own unbiased warts and all blog.

Im wanted down under but my partner isn’t
Don’t worry, we only need to find one of you that ticks all the boxes for Australian Immigration to be the lead applicant. The right and privileges awarded to the lead applicant then also apply to their partner and children under 18 and in limited circumstances over 18 also.

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Do I need a job to be Wanted Down Under
No. Australia Permanent Residency is based on you, your skills and what you can bring to the country not just for now, but for the rest of your life. There is a lesser visa type called the 457 which is an employer sponsored visa although we always recommend to go for the highest visa option available and then work downwards from the higher starting point.

How much money do I need in the bank to be wanted down under?
In reality emigrating to Australia on a skilled visa (PR) doesn’t require you to have any significant funds on account. You may be asked for a declaration of support and for some States / Territories you may be asked to provide proof of funds made during your declaration however, PR visas are about you, and the skills, experience and overall contribution you will make to the Australian economy not just for the first few months but hopefully for the rest of your life.

How much does it cost to emigrate down under?
A good migration agent will charge between £1800 and £2400 as a fixed fee.
Skills Assessments will be between $400 / 600 AUD and $2000 AUD depending on occupation
Australia Skilled Migration Visa Fees are:
$3600 AUD for the main applicant
$1800 AUD for the secondary applicant
$1800 AUD for any dependent children aged over 18
$900 AUD each for children under 18

Some Australian States & Territories charge a nomination fee as part of the 190 visa process an these can range between $200 and $500 AUD

Medicals and Police checks: allocate around £500 GBP +/-

Document Certification: do allocate some funds for this if required. Usually £100 should cover the cost of document certification but do be sure to shop around.

I’ve got lots more questions about being wanted down under, where can I find more answers?
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