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You will probably be aware by now that Nurses are in demand in Australia!

Nurse Jobs in Australia

Your skills are in demand all over the World and no more so than Down Under. Qualified Nurses of all specialities have great Job Opportunities in Australia and this is reflected in the visa options available to you.

The most sought after visas in Australia are ones that have Permanent Residency i.e. they give you the right to live and work in Australia, come and go as you please, access Medicare and Education and are designed to lead to Full Citizenship after a matter of years.

Many Nurses in Europe feel drawn to Australia for a variety of reasons such as:
Better work / Life balance
Better social interaction
Nursing jobs in Australia have better pay
The weather down under is superb
Australia has one of the best healthcare structures in the World

Average salary of Nursing Jobs in Australia
A newly qualified nurse can expect to earn $50,000 per year
Rising to $80,000 a year for Senior Nurses
A mid-level career Nurse can expect to command $60,000 per year

Lots of Nurses have taken up jobs in Australia, is there any demand left?
Yes! Even by next year Australia are looking to recruit an extra 10,000 nurses

What about the work life balance for Nursing Jobs?
With the average weekly hours recorded by nurses in Australia being 35.9 hrs you will find the hours much more suited to your new life down under.

On the wards in Australia the average patient to nurse ration is 1:4 whilst in the UK it is currently 1:9

When should I start applying for jobs?
When you are applying for Permanent Residency we will advise you when to start the job search and assist you all the way. The best place to start your search is with our online jobs database although making speculative applications at this stage isn’t recommended. We advise that you wait until your ANMAC Skills Assessment has been returned positive and your Expression of Interest has been lodged. We find at this stage we can have more meaningful conversations with prospective employers.

Can I be registered easily with AHPRA?
Yes, once you have a positive skills assessment with ANMAC we will move onto your AHPRA registration and take care of this for you too.

I don’t have Nursing Degree but I do have a Diploma
In this instance, despite the conflicting articles you may read online we would advise that you top up your Diploma to Degree level in the UK.

How confident are you I will get a Job in Australia and my Visa?
We have a 100% success rate with suitably qualified nursing Migration and have heard no reports of our clients struggling to find work. Indeed, from the outset many new arrivals in Australia do locum or bank work.

We do however have some set criteria before we will represent you as laid down by our specialist Medical Migration team. Take our free assessment today to arrange an in depth consultation with one our experts and, all begin in order there is no reason why you can’t embark on your new life in Australia right away!