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It took me a year to decide if moving to Australia to work as a nurse was right for me.

Lets Go Global Nurse Migration Review

And when I finally decided it was, I did endless research to find a company that could get me there safely. And after months and months of research and doubt, I chose Lets Go! Global where I was able to utilise the knowledge and the patience of George.

I have been fortunate enough to work alongside someone who listens to my endless concerns, day in, day out. Whenever I get concerns, worries or frustrated, I receive an email or phone call, usually within half an hour confirming all the reasons I chose to go to Australia and putting my mind at ease.

It has been the longest, most expensive and most stressful 4 months of my life. And there are times when I feel like giving up is the only option. I thought I knew everything about migrating to Australia after months and months of research. But that did not even nearly prepare me for the roller coaster of emotions I was letting myself in for.

I am ever grateful for the support I have received. And I could not have done it without the help and patience I have received”

When I received the news and I read it on paper they’re quite possibly the most beautiful words I have ever seen written in my entire life!!!!!!

I had a small cry. Thank you for everything. I literally can’t thank you enough.

Lets Go Global Reviews Response:
Thank you Ellie, for your kinds words. It has been a tough road to get this far and receiving messages like this are the emails that really make our day. It is such an emotional process and well done on being so efficient in getting all your documents together for your Nursing Skills Assessment. We know it was a challenge and we are, like you, completely delighted with the result. Time for the next stage!

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