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This section is dedicated to answering some of the most common questions we receive from teachers either about the migration process as it applies to Teaching in Australia and general answers to questions that simply can’t be found anywhere else

Teaching Australia FAQs

I qualified via Schools Direct, can I emigrate to Australia?
This depends on whether you also hold an undergraduate Degree (of either 3 or 4 years). If yes, and the Schools Direct program lead to the formal award of a PGCE then ‘prima facie’ you should be able to use this for Migration and Registration purposes.

What about School Centered Initial Teacher Training (SCITT). Can I migrate with that Qualification?
Again, if you hold a First Degree and the SCITT course led to the award of a PGCE then this should be fine. The same caveats apply to Teach First programs.

I have a Degree but not in any Teaching related subject. Can I emigrate to Australia?
Yes, in fact a Degree is one of the pre requisites to being eligible to teach in Australia. A three or four year degree counts towards the Four Years full time educational requirement as laid down by Immigration and Skills Assessment. It is quite usual for many teachers to have a first Degree in an unrelated subject and a PGCE.

I Qualified in Secondary Education but have worked in a Primary School. What type of teacher am I for Migration purposes and Skills Assessment?
Good question! There are many teachers who fall into this category. The general rule applied is that the class of teacher you are is decided by your qualification and where / how you did your training and in particular your 45 days of supervised teaching practice.

I’m in my NQT year. Can I apply to emigrate now?
Please wait until you have Qualified Teacher Status (QTS). You are required to have completed a minimum of 45 days supervised teaching practice to satisfy Australian Immigration requirements.

What is an initial teacher education qualification?
Australian initial teacher education equivalent is the qualification that is required to teach in an Australian primary or secondary environment. In order to satisfy the requirements of Australian Immigration and the Skills Assessment authority this qualification must involve at least one years study (full time) and be specific to the age group you wish to teach. In short, this makes reference to either the final year of a four year Bed Degree or your PGCE. The results transcript must show a program of professional study in education including supervised teaching practice hours directly relevant to the age group you have nominated i.e. Early Childhood, Primary or Secondary.