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The emigration process can be long, complicated and arduous! Don't let that put you off though, we've been helping teachers emigrate to Australia for many years and are extremely proud of our success rate.

As a guide we’ve put together a brief outline of the migration process below:

Stage One:
Make sure you are Can I Teach In Australiabefore beginning the migration process

Stage Two:
You must score at least 65 points on the Immigration Matrix

Stage Three:
Submit your Skills Assessment to the relevant regulatory body. Remember, for teaching in Australia Skills Assessments an IELTS test is mandatory. IELTS is fast becoming the Global standard by which various Governments can benchmark a candidates English ability. Whilst many teachers are a little bemused by this it is nonetheless a statutory requirement that potential applicants sit the Academic version of IELTS.

Stage Four:
Submit your Expression of Interest for emigration. Please do not submit your expression of Interest for Australian Migration before receiving a positive Skills Assessment. To do so may be considered making a false application and could seriously delay the process (or worse!).

Stage Five:
Start the recruitment process

Stage Six:
Submit full application when requested to do so – this may include a medical and almost certainly a Criminal background check. Unfortunately we are no longer able to leap frog stages in the Australian Migration process and medical or Police check will have to be undertaken after your successful expression of interest has been lodged and called forward. At this point you will receive a code from Australian Immigration which must accompany your medical.

There are many other aspects to the process but these are the main milestones and will hopefully give you some idea as to the overall process. In terms of time frame expect it to take between 11 and 18 months from start to finish, depending on factors such as regional and subject specific staff shortages across Australia.

Our comprehensive bespoke package will take care of the entire emigration process from start to finish and support you right the way through to eventual Citizenship and Dual Nationality.

To find out more simply start by taking our quick and easy online visa assessment today.