How To Stay In Australia

How to Stay in Australia

The starting point here really has to be which visa type you are currently on, either a Working Holiday Visa or a Student Visa. If you in Australia on a tourist visa we are unable to assist. It is illegal to look for work on a tourist visa.

How to Stay in Australia: Pathway One

Convert your Working Holiday Visa to a Student Visa. The things to condier here are:

1- Your current level of education?

2- Have you completed any study in Australia?

3- What is your employment history

4- What is your level of English

5- When does your visa expire

6- Have you been to Australia many times before

7- Have you had any visa refused or cancelled in the past

Having the answers to these questions is good, but as you would expect it’s only part of the equation. The next stage is to find not only the right course but to examine perhaps what your future plans will be after the course has completed. The best courses to undertake are those at University level as they potentially open the door to further visas once your course has completed. There is of course a financial element to this pathway. Studying as an International Student is not a cheap option and we advise that you research potential costs with prospective institutions and for courses.

How to Stay in Australia on the Education Pathway
If you take a Degree level (or above) course in Australia on a Student Visa you may be eligible for a range of visas, depending on your previous employment history in Australia

First option – Post graduate study visa Subclass 485

The Key criteria for the 485 Post Graduate Study Visa are:

– that you apply for the visa within 6 months of completing your course

– that you have an occupation from the Skilled Occupation List

– have equivalent of IELTS level 6

– apply for a provisional skills assessment

– pass a health and character test.

This visa is for 18 months to allow the student to work in Australia after they complete their degree. If you are interested in applying for the 485 Post Graduate Study Visa take our online assessment today. Because you are in Australia your consultation will be done by our local MARA agent.

Second option – sponsored employment

Obviously during your studies you are allowed to work part time during terms time and full time during the holidays to support yourself. Many applicants on a student visa are successful in finding Sponsored Jobs In Australia.

What about going for another Student visa?
Another student visa may be an option, depending on your financial resources and previous studies. The key criteria to consider with a second student visa criteria would be the “genuine temporary entrant” criteria. You will need to be able to justify why further studies are required. For example, the visa holder completed a Cert 3 or Diploma and now wants to do a Bachelor degree. Or the new diploma course is similar to the first course and is can be an extension of your skills set.

Partner visa
Congratulations! You’ve found an Australian partner! In this instance you may be able to apply for an onshore partner visa.

Partner Visa key criteria;

– you are they married or de facto relationship

– how long have they been living together in a de facto relationship

– has the Australian person sponsored someone before

– have they been previously married

– what evidence can they provide that it is a genuine and continuing relationship

If you are looking for a Partner Visa and are in Australia please take our free visa assessment. Your consultation will be carried out by our onshore MARA agent.

As you can see there are a number of ways to extend your stay in Australia and move through visa classes. We would love to discuss your options in more detail.