Migration Skills Assessment

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Your Migration Skills Assessment is without doubt the most important aspect of your Emigration Case.

Migration Skills Assessment

Without your migration skills assessment your case simply will not progress through Expression of Interest / SkillSelect and you will never be called forward by the Australian Government.

It is the most overlooked part of the whole process and the stage that is the most challenging. It is vital that your Skills Assessment is positive; Good news then that the team here at Lets Go Global have an industry leading strike rate at Skills Assessment.

A Migration Skills Assessment is not always a test as you might remember from School Days, it is more a process whereby the Australian Government can be sure that you are who yous ay you are, and that you have the right skills, qualifications and experience to add value to the Australian Economy in your nominated occupation.

In most cases it takes the form a a decision ready bundle which we prepare and submit on your behalf but in some cases such as Electricians, Bricklayers and skilled tradespeople there will usually be an element of either practical testing or technical skype interview.

For most of the Professions and Skilled Trades the Migration Skills Assessment also serves as the benchmark for your professional or trade licensing and registration. For example the Nursing Australia Skills Assessment with ANMAC is the first stage in migration before your local registration with AHPRA. And with Teaching Australia your positive assessment with the AITSL is the primary stage of your local teaching registration.

We can discuss your individual circumstances, assessment process and registrations during your free consultation and answer all your burning migration questions.

Skills Assessment might sound easy but it in reality it is one of the most arduous and complex stages of the Migration Process. We will take care of this for you from start to finish (except from sitting your Practical if required!) and all we every need from you is the right information at the right time.

Skills Assessment Authorities tied to Australia Immigration vary according to occupation and there is no ‘one size fits all’ guide to what information is required. It varies according to your specific skills – even within your occupation code as for example a Primary Teacher will have different requirements to a Secondary teacher.

Important note to remember: As well as being a mandatory process and tied to immigration the Migration Skills Assessment bodies are big business. They make very little exception and allowance for incomplete or failed applications and there is no refund from them if they reject your application. If you opt to go into the process without being represented by us there is a high chance of failure, and you will then need to pay the Migration Skills Assessment body again for your next attempt.

Recognition of Prior Learning
If you have a trade or occupation but no formal qualifications one way around Skills Assessment is for us to organize what is called Recognition of Prior Learning – RPL for short. The RPL process is relatively straightforward and involves a local assessor meeting with you to discuss your experience.

Once this has been done the formal Skills Assessment process is deemed to be complete. Recognition of Prior Learning is a specialist niche and not to be entered into lightly although again, we would never recommend or arrange this for clients we felt wouldn’t make the grade so if we do suggest this route you can be sure that you have already passed our stringent internal eligibility checks and criteria.

RPL dosen’t just apply to trades, Chartered Accountants immigrating to Australia for example holding ACCA, CIMA or equivalent without an undergraduate degree can be awarded degree points due to the nature of their Professional Qualifications.

We will discuss the Skills Assessment process in detail with you during your free Consultation with our experts – take your online assessment today and give us as much detail as possible so we can give you the facts and options as they apply to you and your unique circumstances.

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