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We are the Accountant Australia experts.

Accountant’s are on the MLTSSL (Medium & Long Term Strategic Skills List) which is the highest possible list of in demand occupations for Emigrating to Australia. It will likely not always be this way though, last year the Accountant Australia code was placed under Review which means that the Government considered removing Accountants from the list of eligible Migration occupations. Historically when an occupation is removed it will often never return for a considerable amount of time.

Our Accountants come from all different branches of the Profession mainly Financial (ACA) and Management Accountants (CIMA). Your qualifications are Globally transferable although the Skills Assessment process is complex, as you would expect.

The following codes and Accounting Profession Specialisations are on Schedule One:
Accountant (general) (ANZSCO code 221111)
Corporate Treasurer (ANZSCO code 221212)
External Auditor (ANZSCO code 221213)
Finance manager (ANZSCO code 132211)
Management Accountant (ANZSCO code 221112)
Taxation Accountant (ANZSCO code 221113)

Why do I need an Accountant Skills Assessment?
It’s a mandatory stage for any Skilled Migration. It is the Skills Assessment bodies role to say that you are who you say you are, and that you have the right skills and qualifications comparable to an Australian Accountant at the same level as you. If you don’t have an undergraduate Degree we may recommend a different Skills Assessment body.

What is required for an Accountant Australia Skills Assessment?
-There is no physical exam for this Skills Assessment
-We will need to build out what is called a Decision Ready Bundle. This is a chart of your career history to date, alongside your Migration CV.
-We will need copies of all qualifications and transcripts including all Tertiary education wherever in the World this took place.
-Also, we will need to construct a formal and certified record of your training and include a number of references
-Crucially we need to evidence where in your training and work history you have practical experience of the required modules.

Will I need to do any further qualifications?
After a positive Skills Assessment and once your Visa is granted you may need to do a couple of conversion modules.

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