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Nursing in Australia is a complex process but a well trodden path for thousands of Qualified Nurses

Nursing in Australia
Qualified nurses are near the top of the SOL or Skilled Occupations List and it features all manner of nursing specialisations. This ‘in demand’ list is a small select group of the most in demand occupations in Australia today – congratulations! However, beware that the information surrounding Nursing In Australia is often outdated, irrelevant or just plain wrong – there is so much heresay on and offline that it’s important to be fully armed with the facts.

Nursing in Australia Myth Number One
That you can register with AHPRA and circumvent the need to do a Skills Assessment with ANMAC. This is so very wrong. Whilst there is nothing to stop you registering with AHPRA there is literally no point doing it as a standalone option. Migration is based on your Skills Assessment and the Skills Assessment body for Nursing in Australia is ANMAC not AHPRA.

ANMAC is the Australian Nursing And Midwifery Council
AHPRA is the Australia Health Practitioner Regulation Agency

Nursing in Australia Myth Number Two
That you can leapfrog the migration process.

Your nursing in Australia migration pathway must follow this path or you risk never being called forward; in it’s simplest form it is waste of time, effort and money.

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Source and find professional representation – you don’t have to but we recommend you do.
Take IELTS (this is mandatory)
Submit Documentation to ANMAC
Only when this is positive do you submit your EOI (Expression of Interest)
Nurses emigrating to Australia will usually be called forward within 12 months but do allocate at least 24 months.

When do I register then with AHPRA so I can become a Nurse in Australia?
AHPRA registration happens after a positive Skills Assessment.

Diploma Nurses
Let’s Go! will be unable to assist if you are a Diploma qualified nurse. We suggest that you take a top up or conversion course to increase your qualification to Degree level.

Nursing in Australia specialisations include but are by no means limited to:
Nurse Practitioner
Aged Care Nurse
Child and Family Health Nursing
Community Health
Critical Care and Emergency
Developmental Disability
Disability and Rehabilitation
Medical Practice
Mental Health

If your specialisation is not listed here it will likely fall under something called an NEC Migration Code (Not Elsewhere Classified).

Can I find a Sponsor?
Perhaps and we certainly wouldn’t disuade you from trying. See our guide to finding an employer sponsored job.

I am already registered with AHPRA
Great, but for Permanent Residency we must now complete your ANMAC Skills Assessment for Migration.

Do I need to do IELTS?
Yes, this is an absolute requirement and your IELTS results must be sent directly by the exam body to the Skills Assessment provider.

Can You Help Me?
Of course! We would be delighted to assist.

Feel free to take our online Visa Assessment without obligation to find out more.

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