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Occupations Under Threat in Australia

Could this be your last chance to Emigrate to Australia?

The recent July update of Occupations Under Threat of Removal from the ‘in demand’ immigration lists has gone further than before in its scope. Occupations such as Accountants and Chefs are well used to being included on this list although the most recent update includes many senior medical Professionals also.

Emigrating to Australia is no longer the straightforward certainly it once was and Australia, like many other Countries continue to match their Migration program against current Demand.

This means that the Australian Government regularly publishes lists of Red Flagged occupations. This time around however we see the likes of Secondary School teachers appearing.

What is a Red Flagged Occupation exactly?
When an occupation code receives a red flag it means that the occupation is being monitored for potential removal from any of the Skilled Lists.

We refer to these Skilled Occupation lists as Occupations in Demand. Put simply, if you don’t have an occupation in Demand your chances of obtaining Permanent residency or an Employer Sponsored Visa are zero.

Is you Occupation on the red Flag list below?
If so it is not too late but we must move quickly. Contact us today for more information or take our online visa assessment.

List of Occupations Under Threat

Production Manager (Mining)
General Accountant
Management Accountant
Taxation Accountant
Land Economist
Ships Engineer
Ships Master
Ships Officer
Spatial Scientist
Chemical Engineer
Structural Engineer
Transport Engineer
Electronics Engineer
Mechanical Engineer
Production Engineer
Aeronautical Engineer
Biomedical Engineer
Engineering Technologist
Environmental Engineer
Naval Architect
Medical Laboratory Scientist
Medical Diagnostic Radiographer
Medical Radiation Therapist
Occupational Therapist
Speech Pathologist
General Practitioner
Intensive Care Specialist
Obstetrician and Gynaecologist
Medical Practitioners nec
Psychologists nec
Boat Builder and Repairer

Every year a number of occupations are flagged by Immigration as being ‘Under Threat of Removal’. This essentially means that if your occupation is on this list above there is a good probability that your time options for Skilled Migration and Permanent Residency are limited.

Should you not proceed to log your application and be called forward ASAP your option to do so may cease forever.

The occupations above may only have been borderline for inclusion on the current Skilled Occupations list (SOL) and their inclusion above represents an almost oversupply of these occupations for migration purposes. Please note however that this oversupply relates purely to migration and not job prospects once you have emigrated to Australia.

I am on the Occupations Under Threat list above. What are my options?
There is still time to emigrate to Australia but you must act quickly, we will need to speed through Skills Assessment to Expression of Interest to ensure we are best positioned to maximise your migration success.

Take our online visa assessment and we will schedule a free consultation to discuss the complexities with a migration expert in your occupation code. Don’t worry, we can still make your dreams a reality but time is no longer our friend.