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Life in Australia will become what you make it, it's an old saying but so incredibly true.

Each and every client has their unique and often personal reasons for emigrating to a new life in Australia. For some it’s a life long dream, others have been on a working holiday, some are following loved ones or starting new relationships and for for some it’s a purely financial decision – the opportunity to earn significantly more and provide a better legacy for their families.

Whilst we are biased we can say ‘hand on heart’ that life in Australia is simply… better. And with only 20 million people in one the biggest Continents on the World the country is still very much open for skilled migration.

What is life in Australia really like? Hopefully this section will be able to help answer some of those questions – questions about the weather down under, buying a house, schools, healthcare and of course the Creepy Crawlies! Of course no amount of research can prepare you for your new life in Australia but we always find it helps to have even a few answers to some of the burning questions that you just can’t find the answers to elsewhere online.

Of course, life in Australia isn’t for everyone – you’ve got to be ready for the challenge and generally be the type of people that can adapt to the twists and turns life throws at you – that said, we doubt very much you’d be reading this were that not already the case.

Whatever your reason for wanting to live in Australia you’re in the right place – we will help you secure the right Permanent Residency visa leading to Citizenship and Dual Nationality and we’ll also help you with accommodation, schools, employment,  Medicare, claiming your taxback from the UK and even Pet Relocation. We have an enviable success rate in most visa classes and Assessment categories and are super proud of our expert staff and the achievements they continue to make.

Relax, sit back and have a read through our life in Australia pages – hopefully they’ll answer a few of the more obscure questions you can never get a straight answer to.

For a more detailed discussion about starting your new life in Australia take our free online assessment today.