Age Limit To Emigrate To Australia in 2019


Age limit to Emigrate to Australia

This article has been updated for 2019

Some of the most common questions about Australian Immigration are around age limits to emigrate to Australia

What is the age limit to emigrate to Australia

The age limit to Emigrate to Australia is 45 years old. If you are aged over 45 the only way to emigrate permanently is by investment or marriage.

I too old to immigrate to Australia

If you are near to being aged 45 years it will be difficult to emigrate to Australia. The process takes a minimum one year from start to finish and your age is taken at the end of the process and not the start.

Put simply, if you are considering emigrating to Australia in 2019 time is never on your side!

We always recommend the process be started as soon as eligibility to emigrate is established. Remember, there is an age limit to emigrate to Australia and the rules are applied without exception in all cases.

Am I Too Old To Emigrate To Australia?

The answer is you’re unlikely to ever be too old to emigrate to Australia, although for the most popular visa routes it becomes increasingly difficult the older you get and Skilled Visas stop at 45.

Let’s Go! Global have extensive experience in preparing successful skilled visa applications for clients aged between 40 and 45 years old. Take our free assessment today to enquire about visa opportunities that are right for you if you are within this age range.

Am I too old for a 189 visa?

The age limit for the 189 Visa class is 45. This is a hard and fast rule with no exceptions, and whilst you can immigrate on this class of Permanent Residency up until the 45 years cut off point remember that at age 40 you will only be scoring 15 age points.

One factor often overlooked is that age is taken at the end of the process when you are called forward from SkillSelect for your visa and not at the date you begin the process.

Officially you should allow up to two years for this process to complete although in reality it can happen much sooner depending on a number of factors such as points score and occupation.

Why is the age limit for Immigrating to Australia set at 45

The most recent set of changes came into force on the 1st July 2017 and reduced the maximum age for immigrating to Australia on the Skilled Migration 189, 190 and 489 streams to 45 years of age where it was previously 50.

Am I too old for a 190 visa?

45 years old is the cut off point for the 190 Permanent Residency visa class.

I’m between 40 and 44 years and don’t have enough points for Australia

There are plenty of ways in which to boost your overall points total; one way is to take the IELTS exam. IELTS is an English test (and if English is your first language you’ll have a distinct advantage). Scoring above average on IELTS with give you a boost of 10 points whilst scoring even higher will give you an extra 20 points on your SkillSelect expression of interest.

To put it into perspective 20 points is the same number awarded to holders of a PHD and IELTS is certainly far easier than writing a thesis!

Applying for a 190 visa over the 189 subclass will give your application a further 5 extra points and it is always useful to consider the 489 visa class which will add 10 points to your application. We have a handy guide for calculating your emigration points.

Employer Sponsored Visa Over 45

There is still an age limit to emigrate to Australia in this visa category and it isn’t
possible except in some very exclusive niche education and research occupations. The general criteria for immigrating to Australia on a TSS employer sponsored visa is that you must a) have an occupation on one of the current Skilled Occupation lists and b) be under 45 years old; the age limit to emigrate to Australia.

Emigrate to Australia Over 45

With the above age limit to emigrate to Australia it is still possible, although you must consider different visa pathway solutions and at this stage it’s important to note the increased costs and challenges associated with emigrating to Australia over 45.

Whilst we hear regularly that ‘50 is the new 60’ Australian Immigration has yet to catch up! Attempting the migration process is going to require significant amounts of resolve, determination and will require you to be open to different methods of moving to Australia.

Immigrating to Australia Over 45

If one of your children has emigrated to Australia and holds either Permanent Residency (2 years) or Australian Citizenship you can apply for a Parent Visa as long as you pass the all-important balance of family test.

Australia Balance of Family Test
This test is designed to show that the ‘balance’ of your children live in Australia, so for example:

One child, immigrated to Australia over two years ago: Pass the balance of family test
Two children, one emigrated the other didn’t: Pass the balance of family test
Three children, one emigrated two didn’t: Fail the balance of family test

If your family are estranged the balance of family test still applies.

If you have remarried and your new partner has children you would be unlikely to pass the balance of family test because all children (even from previous relationships) are counted.

Parent Visa for Australia

Provided you pass the balance of family test you may be able to apply for the Contributory Parent Visa Class, although note here the associated costs which are significant. The visa is completed relatively quickly although you will require around $40,000 AUD each. For further details on Contributory Parent Visas take our free visa assessment or head over the Department of Home Affairs.

The non-Contributory parent visa is significantly cheaper although not a recommended route as it can take over a decade to receive your visas.

New Parent Visas to Australia in 2019

After much debate 2019 will finally see the implementation of a new class of parent visas, lasting either three or five years and prices at $5,000 AUD and $10,000 AUD respectively. These parent visas will be renewable once, for a further five years at $5,000, giving a total stay in Australia of fifteen years for a fee of $15,000.

The demand for this visa is expected to be extremely high so if you are seriously considering this visa type do take our free visa assessment today so we can work out your eligibility with a free consultation.

These new initiatives for 2019 are part of the Australian Governments ongoing migration policy adaptations.

Australia Retirement Visa
There is no longer an Australian Retirement Visa.

Study in Australia aged over 45

This route is still an open pathway to stay in Australia. Either one or both of you can elect to undertake a period of Study in Australia during which time the other is free to live and work without restriction. The student visa holder can also work part time and during holidays if they choose.

After the student visa has finished, this can (depending on the original course) be switched for a Post Study Work Visa which is valid for an extra two years.

Investment Visa Australia for over 45 and Business Visas

This is always an option providing you are actually an Investor with a track record in business or investments (simply selling your home won’t class you as an investor). The investment required is high, and your funds must remain committed for a long period of time.

Can I Start a Company and Sponsor Myself
The Dept. of Immigration noticed a spike in these types of visa applications and moved quickly to close the loophole rendering this pathway defunct.

2019 sees the launch of a new and innovative visa from South Australia designed to attract bright entrepreneurs to set up their new businesses in the State. Industry and Skills Minister David Pisoni said the scheme is expected to attract up to 30 entrepreneurs in its first year and 100 the following year.

He said the program will focus less on the finances of the applicant.

“Importantly, unlike previous visa classes in this area, the new visa arrangement does not require applicants to demonstrate a minimum funding of AU$200,000 for approval,” he said.

“The success of their application will ultimately rest upon the quality of their startup and idea, and the soundness of their business plan.”

For specialist advice on how you fit within or around the age limit to emigrate to Australia start by taking our fee online visa assessment. We don’t charge for our initial consultations and they give us a way of assessing your case against existing immigration legislation, and to examine different move to Australia pathways with you.

Let’s Go! Global, the loveliest brand in Australian Migration

Age Limit to Emigrate to Australia Questions Answered

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Age Limit to Emigrate to Australia
Average rating:  
 15 reviews
by Harry T on Age Limit to Emigrate to Australia
Knew it was 45!

Thanks for putting this right for me there are some sites on here saying its 50 but its not right. You are. You have to be 45 years or under to emigrate to Australia on Skilled Migration.

by carl swainston on Age Limit to Emigrate to Australia
55 and too late

being 55 and a structural and civil engineer with my own consultancy, now too late to emigrate to Australia, after spending 19 years honing my skill the UK

by Derek on Age Limit to Emigrate to Australia

Absolutely gutted that the retirement visa option has been withdrawn I had always wanted to live here in Perth WA and though I’m now to old to migrate through my specialized skill set, I hoped that when the time was right my wife and I could retire to this beautiful country near to my family

Just gutted that the dream for so long is not possible anymore

Hi Derek, one of the reasons we always recommend clients seize the moment if they have the dream, the means, and the eligibility.

by Tim J on Age Limit to Emigrate to Australia

46 year old secondary school teacher... no chance for permanent residency for me I left it too late. Thought I had all the time in the world and that I could just go whenever. I wish I hadn’t been so relaxed about the whole thing...

by Harris Mcharris on Age Limit to Emigrate to Australia
Now in Australia

Thank you to Lets Go Global for arranging my Permanent Residency visas over the last year.

by Marcel Redfern on Age Limit to Emigrate to Australia
Thank You

Thank you for answering the question on age limit to emigrate to Australia. I've been searching the absolute answer for a while now. Good to get the correct information.

by Harry K on Age Limit to Emigrate to Australia
Thank you very useful

Thank you very useful can you tell me are bricklayers still on the list?

by Harry G on Age Limit to Emigrate to Australia
Thanks for the information and helping me out with the free consultation.

Thanks for the information and helping me out with the free consultation. Very detailed. Very thorough and very helpful people at Lets Go Global. Highly recommended service for all us 'oldies' out there.

by Zara T on Age Limit to Emigrate to Australia
Thank You

Thank you to the team at Lets Go global for arranging my parents visas. They have arrived safely here in Queensland and are adjusting to the heat! Great service.

by Gary D on Age Limit to Emigrate to Australia
44 Years Old Am I Too Old

44 Years Old Am I Too Old to emigrate to Australia?

by Geraldine P on Age Limit to Emigrate to Australia
Am I too Old?

Am I too old to emigrate to Australia?
Please help.

Hi, we'd love to assist yet you haven't said your age.

by sally N on Age Limit to Emigrate to Australia
Great Information

This page answered a lot of my questions. Very useful article thank you

by Lydia N, Somerset on Age Limit to Emigrate to Australia
Not Too Old

After thinking about emigrating to Australia for many years we finally decided to take the plunge and get the ball rolling around this time last year. We were shocked when the age limit was slashed in June 2017 from age 50 to 45 and so were so grateful and thankful we made the choice to get the ball rolling when we did. If we had left it too much longer we would no longer have been eligible as I turned 45 in January just gone. I still say this was only possible by the speed and efficiency of Alex James in getting my case turned around in record quick time. Well done and thank you so much and I'm so sorry I was such a pain calling and emailing you all the time but we were worried sick as soon as the age limit announcement was made. Great Service, awesome company.

Thank you Lydia for taking the time to leave your feedback, we look forward to working with you soon.

by Joseph C. on Age Limit to Emigrate to Australia
Thank You Lets Go Global

I want to write a massive thank you to the whole team at Lets Go Global. When the age limit for emigrating to Australia dropped from 50 to 45 in 2017 I thought it was going to be the end of the road for us. My wife is a Nurse and we were planning on emigrating to Australia using her skills but she turned 45 in April and then in June we read about the reduction in age limit.

I was so stressed until I had the chance to speak with Alex James from Lets Go Global who reassured me, calmed me down and explained a new pathway that we hadn't thought about that could put me down as the lead applicant. I never knew my skills as a Bricklayer were at the right level required because I've been in building management for the past seven years and not on the tools.

I don't know what he did or how he did it but our case seemed to flow smoothly as if it was on air. I'm so grateful and the only thing I can say is if you think you have a complicated case or if you're worried about the age limit to emigrate to Australia make sure you you put your case into the expert hands of Lets Go Global.

Lets Go Global Review Response:

We are all delighted to have been of assistance Joe it has been a real pleasure working with you and of course we are all truly delighted with the positive outcome.

by Jane Bower on Age Limit to Emigrate to Australia

But we were so wrong as the fact we've now been granted Australian Permanent Residency proves and we simply couldn't have done it without the support and expertise of Alex from Lets Go Global. No matter how much research we did online or how many so called migration experts we spoke to we couldn't find an absolutely clear answer until we got in touch with Lets Go Global who told us that yes it was possible but that also yes there was risk it might fail.

We never heard an agent tell us this before and they all seemed to be so positive so in a way hearing this made us feel more reassured by Lets Go Global. They explained what we needed to do, how the case was going to progress and how long it was likely to take although because my age was nearing the cut off point there was always going to be a risk that my application would time out.

Alex worked efficiently and relentlessly and got the job done on time and as we hoped. I cant recommend him enough.

Lets Go Global Review response:

Hello Jane, great to hear from you and yes, we're as thrilled as you are that everything went so smoothly and to plan. thank you also for being so honest in your review, it means so much to hear your kind words and at Lets Go Global we pride ourselves in being totally upfront about our clients' chances of successfully emigrating to Australia.