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Moving to Australia Checklist

Moving To Australia Checklist

Planning your move to Australia can be both an exciting and worrying experience. The following guidelines are designed to help you navigate the challenges that moving to Australia can bring.

Preparation for moving to Australia often begins 12-24 months prior to the move date.

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Moving as a single person is often much more straightforward than relocating a family, with young children, house contents and pets. We have covered many of the situations below that will help you get you on your way.

As soon as your Australia Visa procesis underway, it is useful to begin collating a file for your plans.

Consider what you will be relocating with? Household items, pets and finances all need consideration in the early days. We are here to support you through the exciting times ahead. Use our guide below to plan and answer frequently asked questions.

Moving To Australia Checklist: 18 months before departure

Begin to picture your new lifestyle ‘Down Under’

• Research States/areas of interest. Cost of living
• Accommodation options and prices
• Areas that you would like to live in.
• Expat groups and associations
• Schools/Childcare/maternity services. Costs and availability in your chosen area.
• Career and Study options for all members of the family
• Recreational groups/activities/clubs/sporting associations
• Create and agree on a budget for post visa expenses.

Moving To Australia Checklist: 12 months before departure

The wheels are in motion… You are one step closer to moving to Australia!

• Research Passports. Check that all members of your party have a valid passport. Store a digital copy of the Identity page and keep a manual copy too. If any passports need updating in the next 12 months – do so now. Make any name changes; remembering that documents for submission should be easy to verify (for example changing all documents into your married name)
• Create an important documents folder. (Remember that your originals/certified copies will not be returned by the skills assessment body or Immigration).
• Look into Pet/Animal relocation services. Check the criteria for customs and quarantine in the area that you are hoping to travel to.
• Search Estate Agents. If you are hoping to sell a property, now is a good time to get three independent valuations. Use the figures to help you budget for the costs of the move.

Moving To Australia Checklist: 6 months before departure

Dreams become reality…the big migration move to Australia is coming.

Planning your move to Australia
• Go through your house and belongings to determine which items you would like to take with you.Start three list – YES – NO and MAYBE. Review the maybe list again in a week, some of it you may have decided to part with!
• Decide which of the items you would like to carry on the plane or ship
• Local charities often welcome furniture donations.
• Sort out clothes/shoes/bags. Consider what season it will be when you arrive in Australia.
• Pre-owned furniture is easy to source in Australia.
• Consider which items would be more economical to re-purchase in Australia
• Obtain quotes from removal companies. Check that they are based on volume

• Arrange insurance for items to be shipped or stored
• Get a current valuation of your belongings
• Photograph valuables and individual pieces of particular interest.
• Sell or donate unwanted items. (Our charity of the year is ‘Mind’ in the UK)
• Request credit references from your Bank/other credit providers. Consider closing accounts
• Check the expiry date of your car tax and whether any refund will be due to you.
• Check to see if Pensions or Investments can be transferred to Australia. Request current statement of account.
• Translate all important documents into English – particularly paying attention to overseas marriage or educational certificates. Consider whether an Apostille is necessary.

Moving To Australia Checklist: 2 months before departure

Oh so nearly there…

• Pack and ship items that you plan to ship to Australia.
• Budget and plan for 4 weeks deposit and a month in advance for most rental properties.
• Look at transport options for the short term. Car Hire? Public Transport? Driving licences should be current and meet the latest guidelines for car hire.
• Consider applying for an International Driving Licence. If your driver’s documentation is not in English, obtain a translation.
• Overseas licences are valid in many circumstances for those travelling on a visitor visa, a temporary visa class and for those who have a permanent visa activated within the past 3 months.

• Check the driving age limit : this is really important for families; teens who are eligible to drive in Europe may not be able to due to increased age limits in some areas. Check the local area age limits.
• Many European licence holders are exempt from taking a practical test or knowledge test. Check the criteria for your proposed area.
• Take some time to understand the local road traffic laws and driving in Australia. Be certain or legal limits for speed and alcohol.
• Book your pets in quarantine facilities and/or boarding kennels if necessary.
• Set up a bank Account in Australia (most Banks will open prior to residency). Forward some funds for living expenses.
• Clear credit cards/debit cards for use in the early days following arrival.
• Let you bank/card provider know that you will be making overseas transactions to avoid your card being blocked.
• Obtain a local low cost SIM card. These can be purchased from several low cost internet providers. Pass the number on to family or friends – you can stay in touch in the early days!
• Set up a Skype account and pass the details onto family – it’s a great tool for keeping families and friends up to date.
• Check and cancel UK mobile phone contracts. You often have to give one month’s notice from your next bill date.
• Look at setting up arrangements for an Australian Tax File and Medicare – group all of your documents in one folder, ready for presentation.

Moving To Australia Checklist: Health

• Check if any travellers require vaccinations prior to travel and the dates that they will be required by.
• Keep a record of all vaccinations
• Ask your Doctor/Dentist/Vet for a copy of any important health records. Include copies of optical/medical prescriptions and immunisation/child health records.

• Check that your medication is up to date. Check that any prescription medicines are available in Australia. If you intend to bring medicines or medical equipment into Australia; have a letter from your Doctor to accompany it.
• Check local child health/immunisation requirements for babies. Consider any private vaccines available in your country of departure.

• Obtain and then have certified copies of all qualifications
• Have recent school/college references available. Head Teachers report for young children.
• Transcripts for all degree courses
• Attendance records

• Arrange a Skype/FaceTime meeting with your employer and if you are State sponsored with the Welcome Team.
• Have an updated CV ready for your job search. Remember that you are embarking on a new journey – familiar phrases in your home country may not be as easily understood. Do not use abbreviations or colloquial language. Detail as much about your previous experience and settings as possible.
• Register with recruitment consultants.
• Use our dedicated recruitment service, linking you to possibly hundreds of positions in your field of expertise.

• Obtain currency quotations and watch the exchange rate. Instruct a currency house if you are moving significant amounts of money.

1 Month
Let the Countdown begin…
Say Hello to the new

• Pack any remaining items, leaving essentials aside.
• Confirm travel arrangements.
• Cancel Direct debits to your account
• Prepare a list of people/contacts/businesses that need to be informed of your move.
• Arrange disconnection of your household utilities. You will need a forwarding address for final bills/invoices.
• Re-direct your mail. International re-direct takes time to set up and you will need to take Identity documents, proof of address and the current required payment to your local Post Office Counter Service Centre.
• Cancel Home, Health and House Insurance. Cancel Gym Memberships, clubs and associations.
• Check/Purchase Travel Insurance
• Finalise School/Work leaving arrangements.

Moving To Australia Checklist: 2 weeks

Goodbye Old life – ‘Hello’ new
Final preparations
• Obtain local currency/travellers cheques
• Confirm accommodation bookings, flight arrival times, airline special requests/children’s meals/special assistance requests
• Check you important document file. Request any final pieces of information.
• Inform us of you flight times/dates.

Moving To Australia Checklist: Final Checks

7,6,5…4..3..2..1 and we’re off

Final Moving to Australia Checklist

• Confirm Airport transfers.
• Weigh Suitcases/check Airline allowances
• Check travel documents
• Have a very large and very happy Goodbye party! Make last minute phone calls to friends.

It’s the Final Countdown…

Moving To Australia Checklist: 24hrs to go


And your off – pack up your final things, update your Facebook page, #twitter account and Pinterest… take a long last look and close the front door. Your new life begins!

Congratulations- Another You’ll Be Another Happy Client!

You’ve Emigrated To Australia!

Moving To Australia Checklist

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