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We love all our clients. To us they are like part our our extended family – migration to Australia is a very long and complicated process and whilst we take away all of the forms, headaches and bureaucracy it remains a very emotional process for clients. This is about you, it’s your time to make a difference to your life for the better and you want it done right. More than that, you absolutely need it done right!

Emigrating to Australia is one of the biggest personal projects you’ll ever undertake. We respect and understand this and are always delighted when clients place their Australian hopes and dreams in our hands.

We love to receive reviews and feedback in all formats including text and video. We value all feedback and use it to constantly refine and update our internal systems in line with our core fundamental mission to be the loveliest brand in Australian Migration.

We reject more clients than we take on and only work with cases where we can be personally confident of securing a successful outcome.

We look forward to seeing your name below in our Lets Go Global Reviews gallery and in our Video Review Channel

We are always delighted to hear about our clients experiences not just with us but also as they embark on their Australian Adventure and we’re pleased to feature one of our favourite couples as they blog about their Partner Visa experiences with Lets Go Global.

We’ve partnered with Trustpilot, one of the most popular verified review sites in the World as a commitment to delivering exceptional client service. We’re all exceptionally excited by this partnership and being able to use this direct feedback to further develop our already comprehensive service.

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  • Thanks Guys!

    It’s been a pleasure working with you and obviously I’m more than happy to have done you a Lets Go Global a Video review the wedding is coming up and I’ve sent some invites in case anyone is in Australia in October!

    By Jon Tonkin, Sydney
  • Sorry for being such a a pain!

    I know we’ve been a pain so sorry about that I was just so nervous all the way through so a big thank you for talking the time to do my case so well and for all the emotional support along the way. Fingers crossed the caseworker is having a good day. I’m so happy to finally be here its what we’ve always wanted and i am a certified emotional wreck.

    By Jane P (& family), Cardiff
  • You're the biggest God send in this process

    “It took me a year to decide if moving to Australia to work as a nurse was right for me. And when I finally decided it was, I did endless research to find a company that could get me there safely. Read More

    By Ellie M, Dorset UK
  • What Dreams Are Made Of!

    This time last year we were sat here dreaming and talking again about our move to Australia. We had been dreaming of this move for ages. Sometimes we would talk about it and plan it on paper and then forget about it after a while and then it would come back as a thought; Maybe we would watch a TV programme on life in Australia like ‘Wanted Down Under’, often we would hear from friends who live in Australia or maybe even have just had a truly bad day.

    Whatever the reason it was clear that after 10 years of marriage and building a life together in the UK we weren’t getting anywhere with our plans and life was just beginning to stagnate. We could see ourselves in 30 years with Grandchildren being born in the UK bitterly regretting not having seized the day and made the move to Australia.

    We had spent the past decade changing our occupations just so that we could emigrate. I am an A&E Nurse and the DH retrained to become an Electrician.

    One night we filled out an online assessment with Lets Go! and the rest is history. After a thoroughly impressive Consultation we decided to engage their services. They were not the cheapest but they are in my opinion worth every single penny and then some! They arranged everything for us and even seemed to magic away a couple of issue that cropped up. The whole thing was seamless from start to finish and I definitely rate this as one of my top client service experiences of all time.

    Moving to Australia is what dreams are made of and Lets Go! Global made those dreams come true.

    P.S. send me the details to do a video review and I’ll send one from the whole family!!!!

    By Laura P, Edinburgh, UK
  • You are very good at what you do

    Thank you so much for all your professional help so far. You are very good at what you do. Emoji

    After discussing with my wife, we have decided to take no further action this year as we feel we need build a savings pot before we go any further.

    When we are ready to seriously discuss the move. You will be the first person we contact.

    By Michael W, UK
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