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Australia still remains a favoured destination for qualified teachers lured by an attractive lifestyle and relatively easy cultural transition. There’s the downside of a lengthy application process - but if you’re persistent, or find the right emigration provider the rewards can be amazing, both financially and professionally.

Can I Teach in Australia?

The first question for each and every qualified teacher is always, can I teach in Australia with my Qualifications?

Here at Let’s Go! Australia we have successfully answered this question and assisted many of them throughout the process. We are proud of our success record and don’t take on cases which don’t meet the stringent criteria.

Eligibility across all facets of the teaching spectrum from Early Years through to A Level and beyond is based primarily on your formal qualifications and the route you have taken into teaching.

Australia is very thorough in their selection of International Teachers, and whilst the UK has implemented a number of initiatives to attract and retain teaching talent, the ONLY formal qualifications that will allow you to teach in Australia at Primary and Secondary level are:

Four year Bachelor of Education (BEd) + a minimum of 45 days supervised teacher training

Three or four year degree + PGCE + a minimum of 45 days supervised teacher training

Degree + School Centred Initial Teacher Training which leads to the award of a PGCE

If you are an Early Years teacher then you will need a Bachelors degree or an equivalent early years teaching qualification at degree or post graduate level. In addition you will need between 60 and 80 days of professional supervised experience with a minimum of 10 days teaching age 0-2 years, and an equal distribution of the remaining days between 2-5 years and 5+year olds.

Other routes into teaching are not eligible for Australian Migration as the qualifications are not currently recognized:

Graduate Teacher Programme : not eligible to emigrate to Australia
School Direct Training Programme: not eligible to emigrate to Australia
Teach First Leadership Development Programme: not eligible to emigrate to Australia

If you already have the relevant formal qualifications, the will and the desire to make your dreams a reality by teaching in Australia then the next stage is to take our online assessment. This allows us to assess all of your criteria against the current Australian Immigration points matrix and devise the very best bespoke Immigration Pathway for you.

Take our free online assessment for a thorough in depth analysis of your qualifications against the current Australian Migration benchmark.

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