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Having your 'Skills' assessed by an external body appointed and approved by The Department of Immigration is an essential step in the application process.

Skills Assessment For Teachers Emigrating To Australia

In fact, it is the building block upon which the remaining parts of your application are built. A successful outcome is essential to your Visa submission and the Skills Assessment is a necessary stage in the Emigration process. In the case of teachers the Skills Assessment as such is actually the process whereby we arrange your registration to teach in Australia.

As a qualified teacher, you will be accredited to teach in your home country. However, this alone is not adequate to fulfil the requirements for assessment leading to skilled migration. Whilst there are many routes into teaching Globally; not all of them are accepted for the purposes of skilled migration so we do advise you to check whether your qualifications are suitable to teach in Australia.

Australia has an enviable educational system. Indeed, whilst many other countries are concerned about declining standards; in Australia, schools and education in the State and Private sector are beacon of outstanding success. It is therefore no surprise that they are looking to recruit only the very best teachers to promote learning and achievement in schools, colleges and universities throughout Australia.

Your skills are assessed in relation to the specific age range or special needs area nominated by you. The nominated area should reflect your experience, professional practice and your qualifications/skill base.

In preparation for your skills assessment you will be required to produce a portfolio of professional, educational and personal information that will be used to assess your suitability for registration in Australia. You will also be required to produce evidence of English language proficiency by taking the Academic version of IELTS. Click here for more information on IELTS.

Assessors will verify the details supplied in your portfolio; reviewing your professional, personal and educational achievements for suitability in entering the teaching profession in Australia.

The skills assessment for Teachers usually takes between 8-16 weeks to complete and upon receiving a satisfactory result, we are invited to progress your application to the next stage of the selection process.

The Skills Assessment process for Teachers emigrating to Australia is complicated and must be done right first time. Rejection or refusal at this stage can lead to huge delays and may jeopardize your entire Australia Visa application. Here at Lets Go Australia we have a dedicated Teaching Australia team comprising of both teachers and migration experts that will complete your Skills Assessment application to a standard that not only satisfies but exceeds the requirements laid down by the assessment body.

To have your qualifications checked in greater detail take our free online assessment today, without obligation. We will talk you through the process and answer any questions you may have about Skills Assessment for Teachers and the Migration process in general as it applies specifically to Teaching in Australia.